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Dodge Durango Limited 2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 engine auto trans

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2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 engine auto trans 545RFE. 65000 miles. Did a filter fluid change on tranny. Normal refill, no evidence of any metal in pan. Refill must have been low, drove great then parked after about 20 miles. On restart about 1-1/2 hour, in D tranny sound like slipping, but moving + motor revving up, then I pulled to side maybe 100 ft. Total nothing, no R or D, or L. Fluid level was at bottom of stick, with ck engine light on. pulled battery connection to clear ck engine, put in 1 qt +4, to bring it to full hot on stick, but still nothing. Towed home. No codes. Any ideas?
Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer,

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to try and assist your with your question. Did the transmission shift fine before the service was done?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes other than the normal issue of slight slip at startup after left overnight or longer. That seemed to be a normal proble. but no other issues at all. Now when I move the shift columm through the gears there is NO sense of being in any gear (no rpm change or tug).
When the filter was installed was the seal put on the filter and then installed into the valve body or the seal installed into the valve body and then the filter installed?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The old seal was taken out and the new seal installed into the valve body then the filter was inserted as per the instructions.
There was an issue with some filters. Read this bulletin and check the part number that was installed.

45RFE / 545RFE Trans - Delayed Engagement Due To Cooler Return Filter Replacement OVERVIEW:
This bulletin involves a transmission delayed shift condition that may occur following the replacement of the internal cooler return filter.


2000 - 2004 (AN) Dakota

2000 - 2003 (DN) Durango

2003 - 2006 (DR) Ram Truck

2004 - 2006 (HB) Durango

2002 - 2006 (KJ) Liberty

1999 - 2004 (WJ/WG) Grand Cherokee

2005 - 2006 (WK/WH) Grand Cherokee

2006 (XK) Commander NOTE : This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a 45RFE or a 545RFE automatic transmission (sales code DG4 or DGQ respectively).


The customer may experience an initial delayed shift engagement following an extended off (not running) period of time, generally after being parked overnight. The initial shift engagement may feel like a delay or slip when a transmission gear (reverse or drive) is first selected after engine start.

The customer may not have experienced the delayed shift engagement until after the transmission has been serviced, where the cooler return filter was replaced during the service and/or repair.

The condition is not detrimental to the transmission but may cause concern with the customer.

The above condition may be caused by a suspect cooler return filter a part number of 04799662AB. This "AB" suffix / level filter may allow transmission fluid to drain back out of the torque converter. The drain back condition may occur over a period time when the engine (and transmission) are not running. With less fluid in the torque converter a delay in gear engagement may occur at engine start up while the torque converter fills to its proper fluid level.

All 04799662AB cooler return filters with the "AB" suffix are suspect. The above condition may be corrected by replacing a suspect "AB" filter with a new cooler return filter whose part number is XXXXX (with no suffix or with a suffix that is other than the "AB" level).

NOTE :The cooler return filter, p/n 04799662, will not be available until September 09, 2005. The filter part number is XXXXX on the side of the filter case.

NOTE :A replacement 04799662 cooler return filter may come packaged with a separate threaded adapter stud. The threaded adapter stud is used to attach the cooler return filter to the transmission. Inspect the stud and note end without threads. Install the stud end without the threads into the cooler return filter and tighten the stud-to-filter connection to 18.6 Nm (165 in. lbs.). Once the threaded adapter stud has been installed to the cooler return filter, install the assembled cooler return filter to the transmission and tighten the filter to 14.1 Nm (125 in. lbs.)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yea I saw that bulletin and I think that was the case with the factory installed filter. That was a slight slip feel for about 15 seconds then full power once the converter filled back up with fluid.


This feels totally different. I have nothing as I move the gearshift lever. I would believe its electronic. but it did NOT go into a "limp" mode after the problem, just total nothing on the tranny, engine runs fine,


The filter set I used was a WIX set for that engine/tranny, sorry I don't have the part # XXXXX

If you did not have the problem prior to the filter replacement and no codes then would take the transmission pan back off and recheck the install as your describing lack of pressure and for what ever reason there most likely is a problem with the new filter sealing up and would start there since you did not have the problem prior.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

So when I pulled the Pos off the battery for 2 min. would that have removed any codes?

Also are you aware of any electronic safeguard that would have happened when the tranny slipped (maybe sucking air on incline with low fluid level) and the engine revved up?


Bu that was going to be my staring point again maybe with MOPAR filter set.

It depends on what the codes were as yes removing the battery cable can clear the codes. If an electronic safeguard would have occurred it would have left a code. I agree with you and would get a factory filter and replace the one you just installed
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