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2005 Dodge: batteries..Everything went..The wipers come..10 seconds

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OK, so I changed both batteries on my 2005 Dodge 2500 diesel. Everything went as expected until I closed everything up and turned on the ignition. The wipers come on for about 10 seconds and then stop (they stop at the top, the bottom, in the middle... never a full cycle). I unhooked everything and tried again. Same result.

I have since replaced the fuse, which looked fine. I also replaced the other thing in the fuse box having to do with the washer (can't remember what that little black plug is called). Still, I have wipers that come on for 10 seconds upon turning the key.

In a last ditch effort, I unhooked both batteries for 5 hours because I heard somewhere that the computer does a "reset" if unhooked for more than 4 hours. No such luck. Same problem. Also, no reset either because the radio maintains the preset stations.

Any counsel for my predicament would be graciously received.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. My name is Denny; now let me see if I can help you with Dodge question.To do a rest, unhook both batteries, and go in and turn the key to start for 15 seconds. This should rest all modules.Try that
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX won't be able to get at it until tonight. Do you believe that a reset will stop the wipers from turning on? That seems like a logical solution, but it's only after I went through the other steps that I got there.


The wipers don't initiate when I put the key in and turn backwards to ACC. They only start when I turn them forward 1 click to where the diesel heater starts. Could this mean something else?


Other than the 1 problem with the wipers, there is no other electrical issues.

Let's just try the reset first. It's not a 100% guarantee fix but it is a place to start.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Did it twice. Took the negatives off and turned the key to start for 15 seconds. Rehooked negatives and the second the 1st neg hit the post the windshield wipers started for 10 seconds.

I unhooked BOTH batteries negative and positive. Then turned key to start for 15 seconds. Hooked up positives and then negatives. The second the 1st neg hit the post, the wipers started again.

No reset was accomplished. The stereo station were still set on stations.


What now?



A rest probably will not fix this; it is probably the park circuit in the wiper motor itself.

There is one more rest to try, but I doubt it will fix this particular problem. Unhook both batteries, and touch the pos. and neg. together on either battery for 10 seconds. It is worth a shot. Otherwise you will need to look at the ground circuit for the wiper motor, and maybe replace the motor.

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