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how to remove rotors on ram 3500 4WD

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how to remove rotors on ram 3500 4WD
hello, do you have 5 lug or 8 lug wheels and.. are you doing front or rear? I suspect front by your description. Lmk thanks
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
front rotors on ram 3500 w dual rear wheels. [drum brakes on rear] 8 lug wheels


  1. Raise and support vehicle.
  2. Remove wheel and tire assembly.

Hub Extension

  1. Remove hub extension mounting nuts and remove the extension from the rotor if equipped.
  2. Remove brake caliper.

  1. Remove the cotter pin and hub nut from the axle shaft.
  2. Disconnect the ABS wheel speed sensor wire from under the hood. Remove sensor wire from the frame and steering knuckle.

Rotor And Hub Attaching Bolts

  1. Remove hub/bearing mounting bolts from inboard side of steering knuckle.

Rotor Hub And Unit Wheel Bearing Assembly

  1. Remove rotor hub/bearing assembly, brake shield and spacer from the steering knuckle.

Rotor Hub/Bearing Removal

NOTE: It rotor hub assembly will not come out of the knuckle, use Puller C-844 with extra Puller Leg C-884-1 or equivalents to remove the remove the assembly.

Rotor And Hub/Bearing

  1. Press out the wheel studs/hub extension studs and separate the rotor from the hub.


  1. Position rotor on the hub/bearing.

Rotor, Hub/Bearing And Stud

  1. Press wheel studs/hub extension studs through the back side of the rotor and through the hub/bearing Range.
  2. Apply liberal quantity of anti-seize compound to splines of front drive shaft.
  3. Insert two rear-most, top and bottom rotor hub bolts in steering knuckle. Insert bolts through back side of knuckle so they extend out. front face as shown.

Hub Spacer

Brake Shield

  1. Position, hub spacer and brake shield on bolts just installed in knuckle.

Brake Shield With Wheel Speed Sensor

NOTE: If the vehicle is equipped with a wheel speed sensor the brake shield must be positioned on the hub bearing.

  1. Align rotor hub with drive shaft and start shaft into rotor hub splines.

NOTE: Position wheel speed sensor wire at the top of the knuckle if equipped.

  1. Align bolt holes in hub/bearing flange with bolts installed in knuckle. Then thread bolts into bearing flange far enough to hold assembly in place.
  2. Install remaining bolts. Tighten hub/bearing bolts to 170 Nm (125 ft. lbs.) .
  3. Install washer and hub nut and tighten to 237 Nm (175 ft. lbs.) .
  4. Install new cotter pin in hub nut. Tighten nut as needed to align cotter pin hole in shaft with opening in nut.
  5. Install brake caliper.
  6. Install sensor wire to the steering knuckle and frame if equipped. Connect the wheel speed sensor wire under the hood.
  7. Install wheel and tire assemblies.
  8. Remove support and lower the vehicle.
  9. Apply brakes several times to seat brake shoes and caliper piston. Do not move vehicle until firm brake pedal is obtained.


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