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P1776 SOLENOID SWITCH VALVE LATCHED..LR..Aamco..check engine light

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P1776 SOLENOID SWITCH VALVE LATCHED IN LR POSITION is what Aamco told me I have. And my check engine light is still on. How much is parts and labor for this problem? I have a 2003 Dodge Intrepid. I first got the camshaft sensor replaced for $207 with my regular mechanic because that's the code the came up so he replaced it. Then it died again 2 days later and the codes P0700, P1776 and P0301 came up on the 2nd diagnostics. He told me to go to a transmission specialist because he didn't do transmissions. Yesterday, Aamco replaced the crankshaft position sensor which eliminated 3 of the 4 codes that were coming up which were P0301, 1603 and 1698 (computer codes) for $100. Now this leaves the last code of P1776 for the selenoid. One person over the phone quoted $600 for labor and parts then the General Mgr. said that it was $750 but since I was quoted $600 he would honor that. I also paid $230 for a more indepth diagnostics because there were too many codes they said. Mind you, they had the car since Tues. 8/10 and I picked it up finally yesterday. So I haven't gotten the last code taken care of (P1776) yet because of the cost. Are they jerking me around? The GM said that it was illegal to tell me that the $230 for the diagnostics testing would go towards my repair bill if I went with them. Is that true? But he did say he would honor it since the other employee quoted me. He said that he is the only one authorized to give quotes. I asked for a written estimate for the selenoid and he said since I was taking the car before this was replaced, he couldn't give it to me because there might be additional problems when I take it back for the repair from driving it. He said that he would run another diagnostics for free when I bring it back before they do the repair to make sure there weren't additional problems outside of the P1776 code. The total repair is for $700 minus the remaining $130 I have from the $230 I paid yesterday. Are they on the level?
hello, removing all of what they told you and how they went about quoting you the repair price-- the cost of the repair for your transmission is with in line with that repair== it seems they took the hard way and long way to tell you how much to repair the transmission,tim
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So it is ok for Aamco to tell me that they couldn't give me a written estimate for this repair because I took the car knowing there was this second problem? And is it really illegal to quote me that if I have the repairs done with them that the $230 for the more indepth diagnostics would go towards the repairs?

Amco can do what they want - private business-- they can make and have their own processes-- and as far as being illegal -- i am not a law expert-- but to me it sounds like poor business practice

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