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Dodge caravan: light came..fires..injectors fine scanner..misfires

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02 dodge caravan 3.3 flex fuel started running rough'engine light came on. have snap on scanner codes p0201 & p0202 control circut fires improperly. checked circuts injector 1&2 with noid light was fine checked ohms on injectors fine scanner shows no engine misfires. have spare ecm replaced ecm same thing cleared adpts and rysync cam & crank same thing anyone have any ideas thanks
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Chris :

Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help you. I have seen the injector wiring harness short out on the edge of the ignition coil bracket. Have you looked around that area for the harness chafing/rubbing there?

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Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help you. I have seen the injector wiring harness short out on the edge of the ignition coil bracket. Have you looked around that area for the harness chafing/rubbing there?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes checked wiring all the way back if injector is missing shot why no misfires on scanner ? why does scanner say control circuit fires improperly flashes noid fine

It is probably not detecting misfires because the PCM has not learned the misfire adaptive numerator. In order for it to learn the adaptive numerator, the PCM needs to see the engine decel for a certain amount of time to learn the crankshaft pulsations. Once this information is stored in memory it can then start detecting misfires. Since you replaced the PCM this learned value has not been set yet. Now you still have injector circuit issues if these 2 codes are still setting. Have you disconnected the injectors, and the PCM and confirmed that there are no opens or shorts in these injector circuits? Do you need a PCM connector pinout diagram? if so I will send it to you.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no i have wiring diagram understand on misfires why will they both light noid ligh if the circuit is the problem

It is possible that the injector circuit/wire is weak (high resistance) but not bad enough to light the noid light. When you put the load of the injector on it it then fails (does that make sense?) At this point, you will need to load both injector wires using a higher load such as a headlamp bulb. In other words, disconnect the PCM connector, find the terminal for the injector wire you want to load, apply 12 volts to it at the PCM terminal, then connect the headlamp bulb to the other end of the wire at the injector connector. Ground the other side of the bulb. The light should illuminate brightly. If it does not, then you have confirmed a compromised circuit. Check this if you can and let me know. I need to get to bed now, but will check back with you tomorrow morning at around 7:00 Pacific time.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
will gladly pay more if you get me going in right direction i will pin out the injector wiring tomrrow i will tear wiring harness apart if you think this is were the problem is this van has 87k miles on it the wiring looked decent and was clear of everything injectors ohms was good fired noid light on both and when killed injectors with scanner would miss more even though it feels to be missing now
Sounds good. But try to do the load test if you can before you tear the harness apart. An check the ASD circuit to the injectors also.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
tore it back apart this morning unhooked harness and pulled it out you put me in the right spot they were not chafed outside coating looked ok but felt funny cut it open and all the wires were melted together need to order a new harness noticed something funny with noid light used scanner to kill # XXXXX injector but noid was still flashug so another wire was firing it . I want to pay you more money if i do do you get it all ?

That is sweet!! Glad you found the wiring issue, and thank you so much for the accept and generous bonus!



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well redone the wiring but now still have p0201 it fixed p0202 going to take it back apart and check injector and run 2 new wires to that injector and try that tryed other computer same hope it didn't knock out computer but it is flashing noid light

Ok, let me know,



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your info retore it down checked #1 with noid no light unhooked wires at computer and used a old headlight. wires are good ohmed injector it was fine.then used my test light unplugged coil pak hooked test light to +side battery and into grd wire for injector driver cranked it over nothing.checked another injector would flash it so wiring had to knock out injector driver for #1.and tried other ecm same thing all wires were bare and melted so it fried both ecms thanks for your time while cranking and key is on hot side injector has power so it has to be #1 injector driver ?

It is possible that the #1 driver has become damaged in the ecm. As long as you are certain that the wiring is ok now, then go for another ecm. Thanks for the accept!