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Thomas, Dodge Mechanic
Category: Dodge
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How to change a camshaft seal on 2001 neon 2.0

Customer Question

how to change a camshaft seal on 2001 neon 2.0
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome, first you remove the tomming belt then your down to the seal here is the info.

Timing belt REMOVAL

  1. Remove the accessory drive belts.
  2. Raise vehicle on a hoist and remove right inner splash shield.
  3. Remove the crankshaft damper.
  4. Remove the lower torque strut.
  5. Lower vehicle and place a jack under engine.
  6. Remove the upper torque strut.
  7. Remove the engine right mount to engine mount bracket through bolt.
  8. Remove the power steering pump assembly and set aside.

  1. Remove the engine mount bracket (Fig. 164).

  1. Remove the timing belt front cover (Fig. 165). CAUTION: Align camshaft and crankshaft timing marks before removing the timing belt by rotating the engine with the crankshaft.
  2. Rotate crankshaft until timing marks are aligned at both the camshaft and crankshaft.

  1. Loosen the timing belt tensioner fasteners (Fig. 166).

CAUTION: DO NOT loosen, tighten, or remove the tensioner pivot bolt (Fig. 167).

  1. Remove the timing belt from sprockets. CAUTION: Do not rotate the camshaft once the timing belt has been removed or damage to valve components may occur.
  2. For timing belt tensioner pulley assembly removal; refer to Timing Belt Tensioner; Service and Repair.


  1. Set crankshaft sprocket to TDC by aligning the sprocket with the arrow on the oil pump housing, then back off to 3 notches before TDC (Fig. 168).

  1. Set camshaft to TDC by aligning mark on sprocket with the arrow on the rear of timing belt cover (Fig. 169).

  1. Move crankshaft to 1/2 mark before TDC (Fig. 170) for belt installation.
  2. Install the timing belt. Starting at the crankshaft, go around the water pump sprocket and then around the camshaft sprocket.
  3. Move crankshaft sprocket to TDC to take up belt slack.

  1. Re-set the hydraulic tensioner by placing tensioner body in a vise equipped with soft jaws (Fig. 171). Slowly compress the plunger.
  2. Compress the plunger until a 1.9 mm (5/64) Allen wrench or pin can be inserted through the body and the plunger (Fig. 171).
  3. Remove hydraulic tensioner from vise and install on engine, Do not tighten attaching bolts at this time.
  4. Using a torque wrench on the tensioner pulley bolt, apply 28 Nm (250 in. lbs.) of torque against the timing belt.

  1. With torque applied to the tensioner pulley/ timing belt, move the tensioner up against the pulley pivot bracket and tighten tensioner bolts to 31 Nm (23 ft. lbs.) . (Fig. 172).
  2. Pull the tensioner plunger retaining pin. Pretension is correct when the pin can be removed and installed into tensioner housing and plunger.
  3. Rotate crankshaft 2 revolutions and check the alignment of the timing marks (Fig. 170) and (Fig. 169).
  4. Check belt tension by installing pin into tensioner housing. If pin cannot be re-installed, repeat belt tension procedure.
  5. Install the timing belt front cover.
  6. Install the engine mount bracket.
  7. Install the engine right mount to engine mount bracket through bolt.
  8. Remove jack from under engine.
  9. Install the upper torque strut.
  10. Install power steering pump assembly.
  11. Raise vehicle and install lower torque strut.
  12. Install the crankshaft damper.
  13. Install accessory drive belts.
  14. Install right inner splash shield.
  15. Lower vehicle and perform camshaft and crankshaft timing relearn procedure as follows:


  1. Remove the accessory drive belts.
  2. Remove the crankshaft vibration damper.
  3. Remove the timing belt.

  1. Remove the crankshaft sprocket using Special Tool 6793 and insert C-4685-C2 (Fig. 69).

  1. Remove the crankshaft sprocket key from crankshaft (Fig. 70).

CAUTION: Do not nick shaft seal surface or seal bore.

  1. Using Special Tool 6771, remove front crankshaft oil seal (Fig. 71). Do not damage the seal contact area on the crankshaft.


  1. Position seal into opening with seal spring towards the inside of engine. Using Special Tool 6780-1 (Fig. 72), install seal until flush with cover.
  2. Install the crankshaft sprocket key (Fig. 70).

  1. Install the crankshaft sprocket (Fig. 73) using Special Tool 6792. NOTE: Make sure the word "front" on the sprocket is facing outward. CAUTION: Use of Special Tool 6792 is required to install the crankshaft sprocket to the proper depth.
  2. Install the timing belt.
  3. Install crankshaft vibration damper.
  4. Install accessory drive belts.