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Replacing 2005 dodge grand caravan water pump

Resolved Question:

replacing 2005 dodge grand caravan water pump
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Ron Z. replied 7 years ago.



  • Remove the accessory drive belt shield.
  • Remove the accessory drive belt.graphic
  • Remove water pump pulley bolts. NOTE: To remove the water pump pulley, it MUST first be positioned between water pump housing and drive hub. The pulley can then be removed with the water pump assembly.graphic
  • Rotate pulley until openings in pulley align with water pump drive hub spokes. Move pulley inward between pump housing and hub .graphic
  • Position pulley to allow access to water pump mounting bolts. Remove water pump mounting bolts.

  • Remove water pump with the pulley loosely positioned between hub and the pump body.

  • Remove and discard the seal.

  • Clean seal groove and sealing surfaces on pump and timing chain case cover. Take care not to scratch or gouge sealing surfaces.




  • Install new seal into water pump housing groove. NOTE: The water pump pulley MUST be positioned loosely between the pump housing and drive hub BEFORE water pump installation.
  • Position the water pump pulley loosely between pump housing and drive hub).
  • Install water pump and pulley to the timing chain case cover. Tighten water pump bolts to 12 Nm (105 in. lbs.).
  • Position pulley on water pump hub. Install bolts and tighten to 28 Nm (250 in. lbs.) .
  • Rotate pump by hand to check for freedom of movement.
  • Install the accessory drive belt.
  • Install drive belt shield.
  • Fill the cooling system
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