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Automatic transmission..slow down..a stop sign it stalls my engine

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when my automatic transmission in my 2005 ..1500 pick up, shift down "like when i slow down to a stop sign" it stalls my engine. my truck engine shuts off. Is that the transmission or some type of electronic transmission modual?

Hello, Thanks for asking your question here!

Does this problem happen just as you stop? Does the truck feel like its"lugging" - like stopping with a manual trans vehicle , when you forget to push in the clutch? Or does the engine just stop with out shuddering? Have you tried shifting to neutral during the coast down?

Sorry - but these questions will help me provide the most accurate answer I can give with out being there. Its late here , So I will answer tonight if possible - or tomorrow after work. Thanks Scott.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi- The first thing we do is to clean and service the throttle body. Its best to take the iac motor off the throttle body and clean all the passages out.The minimum air flow rpm should be about 500 rpm. This can be adjusted by removing the tamper proof seal on the set screw and turn it to slightly close the throttle plate .

Most of the time when we find this type of problem is it caused by a dirty throttle body.

You may be able to simply spray out the dirt with carb cleaner spray .

If you need more info or help. please reply. Thanks Scott.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Listen I have a automatic there is no clutch! Feels like the transmission is not shifting down when I come to a stop causing my engine to stall....this does not happen everytime I stop. Mostly in the mornings when I first start my day. I happens every few days...

I now understand - I mentioned several completely different conditions - and asked for the answers. These questions were asked to help Us define the problem.

Your reply leads us to a transmission problem.

It points to the torque converter being stuck in "lock -up" .

This problem can be solved by replacing the torque converter and flushing out the valve body . A "stuck " converter clutch sounds like the problem..

Your inspections should also include the condition of the wire harness at the transmission . We have found the connector seal bad and trans fluid leaking into the wiring . This can cause the converter clutch to be always "on" . and a stalling engine problem. Be aware that moving the wiring at the transmission with the ignition on - or off may cause a short circuit to the engine computer - this can destroy the computer in a second. So be careful when moving those wires. The oil will cause the insulation to shrink up and expose the bare wire . Moving to removing the connector can cause short circuits.

Please reply . Thanks, Scott.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks man that sounds right.......!
Your welcome ! If you have any other questions just reply here. ThanKs , Scott
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