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When I press the brake pedal, my front end shakes violently.

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When I press the brake pedal, my front end shakes violently. The rotors don't feel scored.
Any ideas???



does the shaking occur at any speed when braking, or only at high or just at low speed braking?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
any speed, but less violently the slower I'm going



Ok, what you are describing is typical of a warped rotor. When we are talking about a warped rotor, it will not be visually noticable to the human eye, and scoring or smooth doesnt affect whether the rotor causes the vibration. It only takes .003" runout or thickness variation to cause a brake pulsation, even on that can be fairly violent at high speed. And the human eye just cant see three thousands of an inch variation in either runout or thickness.


the first step is to have the rotors measured with a dial indicator hooked up to the hub to measure for both runout and thickness variations. If they are thick enough, then they can be machined(I prefer a on-the-vehicle brake lathe as it will also account for any hub runout), or if not thick enough, they will need to be replaced.


Although the pads may be thick, replace these at same time as they are worn to the shap of the rotors now, and when they contact a new trued surface, you will still have a vibration as the pads are not making good contact.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what other problems might occur from driving the truck with a warped rotor



If the vibration is severe enough, over time it can cause premature wearing of the control arm bushings and even wear out the tie rods due to the added stress from the vibration, and in some cases can cause the hub bearing assembly to prematurely wear out. This is over the course of months, not anything that would happen from just a couple of weeks driving it like that.


It wont cause any other brake problems though.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How would I check the control arm, tie rods and hub bearing assembly?
I've got close to a month and a half worth of driving on it.



You need to get the front end up in the air. Grab hold of the tires and shake left to right, back and forth while someone watches the tie rods. If they are worn, play will be seen in them. Someone can also place their hand on the tie rod while you shake the tire back and forth. If worn out, they will feel the play in the tie rod.


For the hub bearing, grab the tire at the top and bottom and shake back and forth in an in and out motion at the top and bottom. If hub bearing is worn out, you will feel the play in the tire. there should be no movement in the tire/wheel assembly.



The control arms, you have to visually inspect the bushings where they peak out of the contro arms for cracks, tears, and being smashed enough that you can see space between the bushing and the inside wall of the control arm

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