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1983 dodge w150 4x4: my fuel pump went..leaking..accelerator..lever

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my fuel pump went on 1983 dodge w150 4x4 318 .i replaced it but now gas is leaking from accelerator pump lever. and what is the setting for fuel mixture screws?

Greetings from Arench.


The fuel screws should not require adjustment from replacing the fuel pump. We use an emission analyzer to set the idle fuel CO%, not arbitrary screw turning. The screws should be turned out about 1.5 turns after being seated.


As far as the new fuel leak what happened is the float needle is now sticking in the carb. This could have been from dirt introduced into the system while changing the fuel pump or you could have changed the float setting on the carb accidentally from turning the nut the fuel line goes to on the carb.


Get the truck running and pinch off the fuel hose before the fuel pump so the truck runs out of gas to the carb. Once restored to normal and started the rush of fuel into the empty carb should clear the dirt from the needle in the carb.


If you are unable to resolve the flooding issue by using this method then you will need to overhaul the carb to get the dirt out and set the float level.



Edited by Arench on 5/16/2010 at 12:03 PM EST
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