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2006 Dodge Dakota: my engine light came..vehical..oil changes..leaks

Customer Question

While driving my engine light came on, I have 43000 miles on my 2006 Dodge Dakota SLT. I regularly matanence my vehical witih oil changes. I have no leaks and the performance of my egine has not changed. Why would my engine light suddenly come on?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  CDJMasterTech replied 7 years ago.
The check engine light can come on for literally hundreds of different reasons. You need to check the code stored in the computer to determine the reason. This is done with a scan tool. If you do not own one, most larger auto parts stores will scan your computer for free and tell you the code. Once you have this information I can assist you further if you desire.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I understand that the reason could be a number of things, What I would like to know is given my paticular situation what could be one or more of the commen causes behind it? Example: fuel filter , temprature guage, or alternator.
Expert:  CDJMasterTech replied 7 years ago.
The most common cause of a check engine light, with no performance related concerns would be some sort of evaporative emission failure. Your vehicle monitors the integrity of the fuel tank, and if a leak develops that will allow fuel vapors to escape, a code will be set and the check engine light illuminated. A leak can be something as simple as a loose fuel cap. Again I must reiterate, that IT COULD be literally hundreds of different things, and a proper diagnosis is required for repair.