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2000 Dodge Neon: Remove and replace 2000 Dodge Neon passenger power

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Remove and replace 2000 Dodge Neon passenger power window regulator and motor.



I assume you mean the first step in removing the door trim panel that says "lower door glass".


This really isnt necessary. This is done because it is easier to lift the door panel off with the glass down. Part of the door panel hooks over the door and between the glass and the door itself. With the window down, it slides out easily, but will still come out with the window up. Once you get everything off and ready to remove the panel, just lift upwards on the panel and pull upwards at the top to release it from between the window and the door.


Once you have the panel off, you can use your hands to force the window regulator and window down as needed

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have no been able to pull down the window by any means. To be clear I was not needing to remove the door panel.


I have done that . In attempting to remove the regulator I havent neen able to move the windo down.


I tried removing the screws that donnect the window to the regulator, but I was still unable to get the window down or remove the regulator.


I have also tried removing the power window motor but I still can't remove the regulator or window. There is a stud at the top of the regulator that is evidently anchoring the regulator and I can't get the regulator out.


Looks like I might be able to push this stud through the inner door wall, but the regulator window holder is in the way.


I looked for a way to disconnect the motor cable at either end, but haven't found a way.


What if I cut the cable?


The repair I am trying tomake is to replace the window motor, which I think is a part of the regulator.


Here is a photo ot the regulator to window connector and the blacked out "8" is the stud that seems to anchor the top of th regulator.







If you are going to be replacing the window motor and regulator as one unit you can cut the cable to lower the window.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for answer.


Since I sent my last question, I have found that the motor is offered as a separate unit.


Will I still need to remove the regulater?


If not what are the steps?


Thanks again.




is this a 2 or 4dr


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
4 Door



ok, for 4 door:


  1. If possible, position the window so it is not in the fully open or closed position.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the door trim panel.
  4. If equipped, detach the wiring connector from the motor.
  5. Remove the 3 nuts attaching the window regulator/motor housing to the door inner panel. This will allow the motor/housing to be moved to the lower door inner panel opening since the cables will flex.

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 2: Power window motor removal-4-door vehicles

  1. Turn the motor/housing for access to the 3 nuts attaching the motor to the housing.
  2. Remove the 3 nuts attaching the motor to the housing.
  3. Remove the motor from the housing. Be careful not to pull the cable drum from the housing, as the motor shaft will tend to pull the drum with it.
  4. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

It is a tight fit but can be done with regulator and motor still attached to window and inside door frame

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for your patience and help.


Is the cable drum at the top of the regulator or at the motor?


Does the cable come with the motor? Can it be attached to the motor?


I will raise the payment to $20



The cable comes with the regulator for every brand regulator I am aware of. The cable isnt attached to the motor. The cable is attached to the cable housing, which the motor bolts to. The caution given in the directions is becuse if you are not careful when pulling the motor off the housing it will catch on the cable drum and pull it off with the motor.



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