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2006 dodge ram 2500: a rear pinion seal replaced..rear end..gas pedal

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I just had a rear pinion seal replaced on my 2006 dodge ram 2500 with the 11.5 axl. When i got the truck back it had a loud whine coming from the rear end when i let off the the gas pedal , I returned it and they fixed it but it still feels like there is still something there now when it is under power . What causes this to happed it was smooth and quit before the repair?
hi, this wine will come and go with engine load especially hi speed around 50 to 60 mph, this is due to the rear differential pinion was not index properly and the bearings are to loose to the raise collar, this happing because when it was rebuild the p reload on the pinion was not set properly, you need to take it back and have them reset the preload again
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
this was done under warrantee all they were supposed to do was replace the seal , i didnt think it would be a big deal, like i said i drove it away with the noise it only was there when i let off the gas and the mechanic took it back in and fixed it in about 20 min, and said it was all set ,but it just doesnt feel right now still

ok, when the seal is done on the rear pinion the rear drive shaft and yoke have to be removed when this is remove the pinion will loose its preload, but after replacing the seal the mechanic is supposed to reset the preload before installing the axle and releasing the truck, its possible that the preload was not set the first time, and you drove the vehicle causing damage to the pinion bearings and when you went back to them it was to late the damage was all ready done, this will know be a permanent scar on the pinion will need to replace the pinion bearings and reset the pinion load.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

so if i tell the dealer that is what needs to be adjusted will that take long to do? do they do this from the back of the diff or remove the cover and go into the front, it is a anti spin diff also does it need the friction additive or not wasnt sure if it was still used on a 2006

well the deferential will need to be overhaul and that can take a full day and it also depends if they have the parts they may have to be order , the friction modifier has to be use at all times when oil is replace , in order for them to get to the pinion bearings the carrier bearings needs to be removed and when removing this bearings you loose adjustment and upon reassembly they will have to be replace also just like the pinion bearings.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
do you think this could all happen from just driving for a couple of miles before they took it back in to adjusted the preload .
yes it only takes one mile before the bearing gets hot and scores.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i will go back there tomorrow and complain. so i need the carrier bearings and pinion bearing replaced , i just want to get my facts straight so i know what i'm talking about, or should i just play like i dont know anything and just say something in wrong and fix it
just play dome and tell them you have a humming noise from the rear it comes when decelerating and goes when accelerating at highway speeds ,tell them this happing after the seal was done they will know what you are talking about believe me.
Ricardo Hohl and 5 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you