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Diesel engine, Code P1690 Fuel Injection Pump CKP sensor does

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Diesel engine, Code P1690 Fuel Injection Pump CKP sensor does not agree with ECM CKP Sensor. Also I have Code P0336 Crank Shaft Position (CKP). I had the P0336 code
previously, it was cleared by shop and now I get both of these codes. P1690 is the
01/04. Does the Injection Pump have a CKP sensor also?
Hello my name is Roland. I wanted to know what year?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
2000 Ram 3500 Dually
Here is some things to check.
Case Number 917976796
Vehicle Issue Mil On. Code P0336. The Crank Sensor Has A Grove In It. Check The Crankshaft Tone Wheel.;Verify the crank sensor circuit is ok using the appropriate Powertrain Diagnostic Manual for code P0336.
System or Component Loose;Customer Concern (No DTCs),DTC / Error Message;Malfunction Indicator Light / MIL / Check Engine Light,Group 09 - Engine,Crank Position Sensor (CKP);Yes - Intermittent,Yes - Continuously;CKP Erratic Square Wave on the PEP Module
Recommendation If the crank sensor has a grove in it, or looks like it has been damaged from something hitting it, remove the engines oil pan and check for loose crankshaft tone wheel. The tone wheel on this engine is two pieces. Refer to section nine of the appropriate Service Manual for repair procedures.
Here is some info and test for p1690.
Case Number 999921247
Vehicle Issue MIL on P1690. Runs rough or misfire. => Check the fuel transfer pump pressure using procedure in the diesel section of group 14 in the service manual....;Have you reviewed all diagnostic resources and performed appropriate test procedures? >> YES What is the nature of the concern? >> Mil/Fault codes Did you check fuel pressure? >> NO What Cummins ECM/PCM Fault Code is present? >> P-1690, Fuel injection pump CKP sensor does not agree with ECM CKP sensor
System or Component DTC / Error Message;Group 09 - Engine
Recommendation Check the fuel transfer pump. Reference TSB 14-002-03... If fuel pressure checks good, perform the fuel injector pop test using procedure in diesel section of group 14 in the service manual. Use special tool number(NNN) NNN-NNNN(fuel pump tester) to run engine. Replace faulty injectors as needed. On 1998-2002 BR's with P1689, P1690, P0216. If the fuel pressure checks good, the tank is filled with good clean diesel fuel, good power and ground supply at the injection pump and all the wiring checks okay (per P1689 diagnostics). Replace the injection pump. Make sure to check for loose injector nozzle hold-down clamps. Check the torque on the hold-down bolts. If loose, the injector nozzles must be removed and the bores cleaned, then re-install the injector nozzles with new gaskets and O-rings. Another problem could be air in fuel lines caused by loose connections or fittings (which can be checked by installing a clear fuel line between transfer pump and filter and at the inlet side of transfer pump and looking for air bubbles. Also inspect overflow valve for contamination from rubber o-ring material. Replace overflow valve if contamination is found. If only code P0230 is setting: Inspect the wiring and connectors at the ECM and transfer lift pump. Check terminals on transfer lift pump connections for corrosion. Moisture and dirt can cause excessive resistance in connections due to corrosion. Note: Code P0230 will only set on vehicle's equipped with the 24 valve diesel engine. . If there is no fuel pressure after transfer pump replacement with a code P0230: Repair inlet restriction to the transfer pump. Inspect the transfer pump inlet restriction greater than 3 in-hg. Using a vacuum guage connected into the pump inlet line, the gauge should read no more than 3 in-hg for the 25 seconds that the pump is running after the starter is bumped. It is normal to have a vacuum over 3 in-hg at higher rpm and load conditions. Experience has shown that the vacuum should not be over 4 1/2 in-hg. at wide open throttle no load. Inspect the line between the lift pump inlet quick disconnect and the pump inlet banjo fitting for a ball bearing at the inlet banjo bolt. Remove ball bearing. If this vehicle is a 1998-01 and fault code P0216 & P1689 are setting, Perform the following inspections: Inspect/test the crank sensor and related wiring...Inspect for loose or missing tone wheel attachment bolts, and carefully inspect crank sensor for damage. Inspect for wiring harness rub through on the engine dipstick near wiring connections C125 & C126... On 2001 & 2002 models with P0216 setting, Inspect shaft position sensor circuit while monitoring cam sensor signal with DRBIII.. verify signal is constant/steady, inspect wiring. Repair wiring or replace sensor as needed. If camshaft position sensor and circuit check ok, inspect for excessive camshaft end play. End play specification is .006 -.010, if camshaft is out specification, camshaft must be replaced. On a 2001-2002 BR. Low power, NO CODES. The typical complaint is no power at launch / below 2000 rpm. Above 2000 rpm the engine almost performs normally. The BOOST PRESS. (voltage) reading on the DRB3 will show less than 0.9v with the ignition key ON / engine not running. The BOOST PRESS. (pressure) reading on the DRB3 will show less than atmospheric pressure (14 psi at sea level) with the ignition key ON / engine not running. The DRB3 typically shows about 6-7 psi of BOOST PRESSURE. Replace the boost pressure (MAP) sensor to correct the problem. Atmospheric pressure (psi) is equal to 1/2 barometric pressure (inches of Hg). e.g. 14 psi pressure equals 28 inches Hg
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