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How to raise the injector rail on a 360 ram 1500 yr 95

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how to raise the injector rail on a 360 ram 1500 yr 95

Most likely just stuck, but here is the information to make sure nothing was missed:



  1. Remove fuel filler cap and disconnect negative battery cable.
  2. Perform fuel system pressure release



Remove the throttle body.




Remove A/C compressor support bracket.




Remove and individually tag each fuel injector harness connector from the injectors.





  1. Remove EVAP purge solenoid bracket.
  2. Disconnect the fuel supply hose from the fuel rail. Disconnect the fuel return tube.



  1. Remove the fuel rail mounting bolts, and on automatic transmission vehicles, remove the transmission throttle line pressure cable and bracket, to facilitate fuel rail removal.
  2. Remove the fuel rail assembly by gently rocking the assembly, until all the injectors pop out of the intake manifold. Remove left and right fuel rail as an assembly. DO NOT remove fuel rail connecting hoses.


  1. Position each injector tip into its respective injector bore in the intake manifold. Seat the injectors into the manifold.
  2. Install and torque the fuel rail mounting bolts to 27 Nm (20 ft-lbs) . On automatic transmission vehicles, reinstall the transmission throttle line pressure cable and bracket.
  3. Connect the fuel return and supply tubes, using new quick connect "O" rings, and spacers.
  4. Install EVAP purge solenoid bracket.
  5. Connect the injector harness wire connectors to their respective injectors.
  6. Install A/C compressor support bracket.
  7. Install the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose, and install the cap on the test port.
  8. Install the throttle body.
  9. Install the fuel filler cap, and reinstall the negative battery cable.
  10. Using the DRB II select the Automatic Shut Down (ASD) Fuel System Test to pressurize fuel system and check for leaks. CAUTION: Unless the test is stopped or the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position the fuel pump relay and the ASD relay will remain energized for 7 minutes by the ASD Fuel System Test.
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