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How to clean egr valve on a 08 dodge cummins 6.7 diesel

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how to clean egr valve on a 08 dodge cummins 6.7 diesel


1.Remove EGR valve assembly from engine. Refer to 6.7L EGR Valve removal.
2.Remove four mounting screws (4) from EGR valve motor (3).

3.Remove valve motor (6) and shim (5) from EGR valve housing (1). Motor (6) and shim (5) must be kept for reassembly. The original EGR valve motor and its shim must be reinstalled onto the original EGR valve housing.

4.Use two fingers to press down on valve spring retainer (3) to unlock two valve keepers (2). If valve keepers will not release using finger pressure, locate a 5/8" deep socket to the spring retainer (3). Gently tap on the socket with a small hammer to release keepers, then use two fingers and press for keeper removal.

5.Remove valve spring retainer (3) and valve spring (2).

6.Lightly press on valve stem (1) about 3/8" to force valve faces from valve seats.
7.Using a small nylon scrubbing brush, lightly brush away loose soot from EGR valve housing.

8.The EGR valve shaft stem (3) is comprised of two valve faces (1) on two valve seats. Using the same small nylon scrubbing brush, lightly brush away loose soot from stem (3), valve seat (2) and also from valve seat on EGR valve housing.
9.Completely submerge valve housing using a mixture of hot tap water and MOPAR® EGR System Cleaner (ESC). Mix cleaning solution 1 part ESC and 4 parts water. Allow cleaning solution to soak for 1 hour.
10.Remove assembly from cleaning solution. Completely remove remaining soot from valve stems, both valve seats, and both valve faces using a small nylon scrubbing brush. Dispose of cleaning solution per local governmental regulations.
11.Rinse EGR valve housing in hot tap water until all cleaning solution is rinsed clean. Dry completely.

12.Assemble valve spring (2) and retainer (3) to housing.

13.Position valve keepers (2). Press down on retainer (3) until groves on valve keepers lock into valve stem (1).

14.Install original shim (5) and original motor (6) to housing. Motor is not indexed. Rotate motor until its electrical connector is pointed towards front of vehicle. Install four mounting screws (7).
15.Install EGR valve assembly to engine. Refer to 6.7L EGR Valve installation.
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