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97 intrepid: slips..overdrive..limp mode..replaced autx relay.input&

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97 intrepid 3.3 slips outa overdrive & 3rd. goes to limp mode? how to adjust transmission, i have replaced autx relay.input& output sensors to no avail

Hello and welcome back to JustAnswer!


The first thing you'll need to do is have the codes read that are stored in the transmission control module. Any time the trans goes into limp in the TCM will store fault codes to aid in diagnosis. if you don't have access to a code reader or scan tool, almost all parts stores will read codes for free in the parking lot.


Since you've replaced the relay and the speed sensors the next most likely cause for your problem would be the solenoid pack mounted to the top of the valve body. This contains all shift solenoids and pressure switches for the various clutch circuits.


Other possibilities would be the TCM itself, wiring from the TCM to the trans, or internal trans. If you don't have any slipping an internal trans problem would be less likely than an electrical one.

sprinkles08 and 6 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks sprinkles 08 is the selinoid pack on top of the transaxle? kinda confused about that.(valve body???)Do you mean to replace it or is there some kinda ohms test to perform?

The first thing you should do before replacing any more parts is see what codes are stored in the TCM. You don't want to replace the solenoid pack if you don't have to! if there are solenoid or pressure switch codes set the problem could be wiring or the TCM but is more likely the solenoid pack itself.


The solenoid pack is mounted on top of the valve body. The valve body is the large aluminum piece inside the trans with dozens of fluid passages that routes the fluid to the correct spots. To replace the solenoid pack the valve body has to be dropped. This would involve removing the pan, shift linkage, and then dropping the valve body. Then you would be able to remove the screws holding the solenoid pack to the valve body and separate it.

sprinkles08 and 6 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This payment system is so confusing to me --I appreciated my expert advice but have no idea if sprinkels08 got my payment or not!!

I did, and I thank you! Good luck with your car!


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi jan.19 i wrote you about1996 3.3 intrepid trans 3rd &overdrive slip.goes to limp.did as you recommended.faults 736,753,754 found.still limp after both speed sensers,seliniod pack and used tcm replaced.trans ports gauge readings achieved corrct pressure also.fault immediately after (A-shift).selinoid pack was a rebuilt unit but ohm readings were same as original unit.any clues left in your box of tricks?

What does it do when you take off from a stop? Does it upshift into second and then freewheel when it should shift into fourth?


How was the fluid when you had the valve body out? Did it smell burnt at all?


How much metal was in the pan?


Is the problem intermittent or consistent?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
fluid seemed o.k.,pan was cleaner than most other pans ive ever pulled,put new filter in fluid.problem is constant.happened originally when accelerating on freeway on ramp---car seemed to miss&stutter and then trans slipped went to limp.shutting rolling car off &starting back up does no difference

Sorry for the delay, I'm a full time tech and I'm at work this afternoon.


What happens when you take off from a stop? Does it hit second gear hard and stay there? Or does it shift into second, then try to shift into third and freewheel before it goes into limp-in?


Does the speedometer always work ok?


Were you able to watch the input speed sensor signal on a scan tool to make sure it's there?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
oops i missed that first question --sorry.put car in drive &takes right off--shifts into next gear range fine.when it shifts to next gear range it slips(freewheel?)for awhile (4to 10 seconds)& seems to grab limp mode.analizer pluged in on car while driving shows it goes to limp mode.itll do this time and time again. I dont remember about the speed senser signal but woulda replaced it again if i seen an issue! 4-8000 miles ago speedo was funky --blank at times- only air bag indicatoer light would be on but turning key off& on while coasting would return dash lights.occaisionally car would act like flooding going down road and rear view mirror showed cloud of black exaughst . if it would help both of us I can redoo anilizer road test & document results.speedo seems fine lately.& i also am multitasking today so sorry. U thinking body control module?its the only thing I havent changed ha ha thanks

It would be beneficial if you could drive the car with the scan tool on it again and watch the input and output speed sensors. Make sure neither one of them is dropping out. You aren't setting any speed sensors codes but sometimes you can have speed sensor problems without setting their dedicated codes.


If this scan tool has the capability of doing clutch tests try all of the clutch tests to and see what you get.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi again results from snap-on scanner mt2500,test 20b slipping clutch assembly:ovrdrve selected input senser readings with brakes held:1400 rpm to 0 at idle,2d gear 1400 rpm to 900rpm to 0 at idle.1st gear 1200 to0 at idle,reverse1300 to 0 at idle but slower responce time(6) seconds.According to snap -on if rpm returns to o test passed?New codes read36,53,50,12.(lost po54) cleaned & retightened ground connections at frame to starter,starter to block,tcm ground on frame.....test 20a input 1001rpm&output340 rpm=no drop out or falter. Throttle position senser test(?) At idle in park c1,c2,c3closed c4 open, overdrive c1,c2,c3 open ,c4closed. 3rd gear c1 c2 open c3closed c4 open 1st gear c1 open c2,c3,c4 closed. reverse c1,c3,c4 open c2 closed.Continues to goe to limp mode(freewheel)when third gear is shifted for. Car was on blocks for test. gear shift adj.test passed

Did you hold the brake while doing the clutch tests? I'm assuming the clutch test on the Snap On scanner is going to be the same as the factory scan tool. You put it into the clutch test while holding the brake and open the throttle. If any speed signal is shown on the input speed sensor while doing the clutch test it indicates a slipping clutch.


It sounds like the input speed sensor is working all the time isn't it? If the input speed sensor is working all the time then you have an internal trans problem causing this to happen. The gear ratio codes you had set all have to do with the input clutches - you had 3rd, 4th and reverse ratio codes. The reverse clutch and the overdrive clutch (used for third and fourth) both use some of the same seals to apply. You may have some seal leakage, clutch damage, or even a problem in the planetary geartrain.