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2003 Dodge Stratus: keys..AAA came to unlock it for me..locking

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I accidentally locked my keys in my 2003 Dodge Stratus RT this morning. AAA came to unlock it for me and when they did, the car alarm went off. It would not shut off by locking/unlocking the door with the key nor would it shut off by starting the car or driving it. It has now been going off all day every time I open the door, and keeps going off for 3 minutes, then it shuts off and does it again when I open the door. I also tried disconnecting the battery cables but when I connected them again, the alarm started going off immediately. I do not have the type of key with the buttons on it to control the car - I only have a single key, so I cannot try pushing any buttons on the key fob since I don't have one. I looked in the manual for the fuse for the alarm because I was just going to pull the fuse, but the fuse is not listed in the manual. Please help!

If you haven't all ready, use your key in every door lock there is..........including trunk. Cycle it from lock to unlock. This should turn off the alarm because they may have knocked something in the door they were working on to get into the vehicle.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The only door lock on the car is the driver's side door, which I already tried the lock/unlock repeatedly several times today. There is no lock on the passenger door or the trunk.

Alright, then you'll need to remove the drivers door panel in order to gain access to the alarm disarm switch that was likely knocked out of place trying to get into the vehicle.


The disarm switch attaches to the back of the door lock cylinder.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm a single female- I don't even know how to put air in the tires let alone take a door panel off. Isn't there a fuse that I can remove to make it stop?

There is a fuse box at the end of your dash.


Fuse #8 is for the can remove that fuse and the horn will stop.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you but I don't want to disarm my horn- just the alarm. Is there a fuse to disarm the alarm itself? Or, is there a way to unplug the alarm? I don't care about having the alarm- I just want it to stop going off, but I do need my horn.

No, the alarm is an integral part of the vehicle. It is an anti theft device so it cannot be disabled or the car thieves would simply disable it and it would be pointless to have it in the first place.


What you need to do is repair the problem with the alarm system.

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