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Doug in North Carolina
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I have a 2001 Dodge Intrepid SE with a 2.7 motor. The w/pump

Resolved Question:

I have a 2001 Dodge Intrepid SE with a 2.7 motor. The w/pump is shot. The 8th digit in the VIN is an -R- and the 10th digit is a -1-. I recently purchased a new w/pump and timing chains, Mopar #1-68036788AB to replace. I also purchased the Haynes Repair Manual for '98-2004 - All models. Going through the instructions it was unclear as to which cylinder was #1, I went to the left side facing the motor from the outside. Followed directions engine is now at 60 degrees past top dead center left cylinder #1. It seems to me in the book they have contradicted themselves. The new timing chain was much smaller and lighter than the original one. The yellow chain links would not line up, is there a new updated version of chains & sprockets? Reinstalled everything, turned crank to check for clearance problems and left #1 cylinder was leaking air. Took it back apart and now how do I get the crank and cam shafts lined up? Cam shafts were never taken out. They have been moved trying to get lined up
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Doug in North Carolina replied 7 years ago.

There's a good diagram of how the timing marks should line up. The manual you're working out of SHOULD have it in there though.

Both cams should have dots on them and they will line up with colored links. If you never removed the cams or their chain then you shouldn't have to worry about the marks, just the alignment for the primary chain.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I already knew everything you told me. Is the left front cylinder #1,is there a new version of timing chain and gears, how do I get everything lined up so the timing is right with a newer version of gears and chain,IF I got the right parts? Can I turn the cam shafts clockwise to the yellow links links in the timing chain so everything lines up with the crank at 60 degrees ATDC?

Expert:  Doug in North Carolina replied 7 years ago.
Cylinder 1 is the front most cylinder on the passenger side.

You can move any of the sprockets a few degrees in either direction to make it easier to install the chain in the proper location. When we put timing chains on we don't really care to know the specifics of how many degrees this way or that. The factory timing chain had colored links that have to line up on the appropriate gear in the correct spot. If it's 60 degrees ATDC or 100BTDC then it really doesn't make a difference to us. This timing chain, when the links are lined up like the picture above, can only go on one way.

I did a quick search of the part number you listed and can't seem to find much more than pages in Russian. Normally, if the part was good then it would be popping up on car forums, sites like Just Answer, and parts stores. This has me wondering what it is that you're working with.

As for the design itself it does not sound like it's the right chain. I've installed a few myself both from the dealer as well as Napa and Carquest. The chains looked identical and the only parts that were in the kit was a new primary chain, two secondary chain and a replacement crank gear. The chain and the gears were all identical to what came off so the only problems I had dealt with the process of installation that we all go through on that motor.

If I can be of any additional assistance just let me know and I will be on for a good portion of the day,
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