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2006 Dodge ram 2500: automatic..module..lights work..sensor shaft

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2006 Dodge ram 2500,automatic, Diesel, shift indicator lights not working on dash. Have replaced the shift indicator module on side of transmission. You can make lights work by manualy moving sensor shaft in and out. With sensor installed in transmission only the park light works.

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If you can move the pintle of the range sensor by hand and make the shift indicator lights show the correct position you know the sensor, wiring, and the instrument cluster are ok. This leaves only an internal trans issue. The pintle of the sensor runs on a plastic piece on the valve body's rooster comb. This plastic piece will sometimes break and there will be nothing to push the sensor to the correct position for each gear. This often happens if a valve body is removed and installed without removing the range sensor, it will catch on the plastic piece and break it off. If this plastic piece is broken the valve body will need to be replaced.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The valve body has not been removed. The wiring and dash cluster have been proved as you said, move the pintle by hand and all lights work as supposed to. So you are saying that the whole valve body will need to replaced? Or the plastic piece on the valve body?
The plastic is molded to the rooster comb, and the last time I tried to order a rooster comb you still couldn't get them without replacing the valve body. Things do change, so it would be worth a shot to try and get just the rooster comb before ordering a whole valve body. I've checked some aftermarket resources that sell some other trans parts that your dealer can't get, and they didn't offer just the rooster comb by itself either. If the dealer still can't get it you might check with a large chain trans shop, like an AAMCO, to see if they can get it by itself without a valve body. They may very well have a parts supplier that does sell them and may be able to sell you the part over the counter.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok thanks. Will this sensor not working correctly also cause the indicator lights to flash and the horn honk if the gear shift lever is moved to a certain posistion?
That sounds like the normal alarm you would get. Any time the truck is in gear, a door is open, and you are off the brake the lights will flash and the horn will honk. This is to alert you if you somehow accidently got out of the truck with it running and in gear (apparently this was somehow an issue!). If the range sensor isn't showing that you are in park and you have the engine running, door open, and aren't pressing the brake, you'll have this alarm going off.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok I have never heard of that one, somebody must of got out of one with it in gear. Is there any special knowledge required to replace the valvebody? I have quite a bit of mechanical ability, have done valve bodies ect in my classic cars

There was actually a recall on the older trucks for some programming changes to add the alarm. Somebody definitely must have gotten out of their truck with it running in gear!


If you've pulled valve bodies before this one shouldn't give you any more trouble than normal. You'll pull the linkage from the left side of the trans, remove the range sensor, unplug the 8 way solenoid pack connector from just behind the shift linkage. Obviously drop the pan and the filter. At this point if you are working on the ground you'll want to chock the wheels and set the emergency brake. You'll either rotate the linkage to the manual first position and remove the C clip on the park rod, or you'll just pull the park rod out with the valve body. Obviously the truck is able to roll on it's own then, hence the E brake and chocks.


Then you'll just remove the 7/16" bolts holding the valve body in. On the right side you'll find one accumulator piston with either one or two springs. The springs are huge on one side and small on the other, no way to get it wrong, and the same with the piston direction. You can't get it wrong. There is no gasket between the valve body and case to have to worry about either. When you go back together you'll torque the valve body bolts to 100 in lbs. If you've ever had the valve body out of an old Chrysler Torqueflite, this is the same trans, only it has an electronic governor with a solenoid and transducer on the right side of the valve body.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX like I need to pull the valve body then and order one.

That's what I would do. If the sensor works but not when it's installed you don't have anything else really but the valve body to cause it, but I'd definitely have a look at it before ordering one. Good luck with it!