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ND-TECH, CJDR Master Tech
Category: Dodge
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Code p1687 no-bus message

Customer Question

code p1687 no-bus message
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  ND-TECH replied 7 years ago.

The exact deff. for you code is No MIC BUS Message (No Cluster BUS Message). So the basic of this is that your PCM is not receving BUS communication messages from the Cluster on your truck. You should check your continuity bettween the connector on the cluster and the pcm. The pin out for the PCM is Connector C3 pin number 30 for CCD BUS + and connector C3 pin number 28 for CCD BUS - Pin 30 on the connector wire color is Viloet with a brown tracer and pin 28 is white with a black tracer. On the cluster side your looking for connector C1 pin number 10 which is CCD BUS + and pin number 9 for you CCD BUS - Start with checked the continuity bettwen the connectors bettwen pin 30 on the pcm and pin 10 for the CCD BUS +. The then the other two for the CCD BUS - Start there and let me know in you have continuity or not and we can work it from there. Either you have an open in both wires, or there a joint connector by the steering colum the bas with a bus bar that shorts out somtimes, and also you could have a bad PCM or Cluster. But start with the continuity test. Make sure both connectors are unplugged while doing this and the battery is disconnected