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92 dodge cummins how do you adjust the injection pump

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92 dodge cummins how do you adjust the injection pump
Hello, do you need instructions on how to "time: the pump or base idle or other, LMk thanks
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I could be wrong but I understand on these older models that are not chiped. that you can bump or adjust the pump just a little for more power. dose that make sense to you and did this answer your question. ?

Thanks. I do not like to recommend or suggest a method of timing adjustment to gain power as this deviates from factory specs. I am not saying it can /cant be done, but i will leave the call in your hands. below are instructions for setting the pump timing. You can tweak it as your preference. I do suggest if you do any rotoation of the pump to bump timing, you put a very clear mark on the pump


Engine Identification Plate


  1. When setting injection pump timing, refer to the engine identification plate attached to the timing case flange for the correct specification.
  2. The engine can be rotated using a barring tool such as: Snap-On No. SP371, or Cummins MTE No.(NNN) NNN-NNNN or an equivalent.
  3. A timing pin is used to determine when the number 1 piston is at TDC of compression stroke. The pin slides into the cam timing gear when TDC of compression stroke of the number 1 piston is reached.

CAUTION: The timing pin is positioned by the manufacturer during engine assembly, to correspond with TDC of the compression stroke of number 1 piston. If the timing pin or gear housing is removed, the timing pin location will not be correct when reinstalled. Set the Fuel Injection Pump-to-engine timing gear timing.


Timing Pin - Cylinder #1

Barring Tool

  1. Slowly rotate the engine, with barring tool, while holding slight pressure on the timing pin. Stop rotating the engine when the timing pin slides into the index hole in the camshaft gear.
  2. Once TDC of compression stroke of the number 1 piston has been located, pull the timing pin out of the camshaft gear, returning it to its normal/RUN position.

Timing Indicator Plug

  1. Remove the plug and copper washer from the rear of the injection pump.

Checking Injection Pump Timing

  1. Install a dial indicator and holder so that the indicator is installed in the hole where the timing plug was removed. Make sure that the dial indicator can travel at least 2.0 mm.

NOTE: Snap-On indicator and holder No. YA83300, or Cummins indicator No.(NNN) NNN-NNNNand holder No. 2066, or equivalent can be used. Whichever dial indicator is used, note the range of the gauge and what one revolution of the needle equals. The gauge shown in this procedure indicates .50 mm movement per every revolution of the needle. It may be necessary to remove one or more high pressure fuel lines from the injection pump to install the dial indicator and its holder.
NOTE: If any high pressure lines are removed, the fuel system needs to be bled of air after the fuel line(s) are installed.

Barring Tool

  1. Insert the barring tool into the flywheel housing, and rotate the engine opposite its normal direction until the dial indicator needle stops moving. Adjust the gauge to read zero (0) at the needle.
  2. Rotate the engine in its normal direction back to TDC of compression stroke of the number 1 piston, using the timing pin, and note how many revolutions the dial indicator needle makes. The reading on the dial indicator when the timing pin indicates TDC is the amount of plunger lift the injection pump has at that point. Refer to the specification on the engine identification plate for the correct amount of lift. The injection pump is properly timed if the lift is the same as the specification. The lift specification for Mid-year 1991 vehicles is 1.25 mm., but look at the engine identification plate for the exact specification for your vehicle.

Example: Number of revolutions that the dial indicator needle made from step 6 = 2.5 revolutions
(Dial indicator moves .50 mm per every revolution)

This would indicate that the plunger lift of the injection pump was 1.25 mm, and that the injection pump timing does not need to be adjusted.

NOTE: The dial indicator needle should move smoothly as the engine is rotated. If the needle bounces or jumps, replace the injection pump.

  1. If the injection pump lift is not at its specification, loosen the injection pump mounting nuts and rotate the injection pump. As the injection pump is being rotated, watch the dial indicator needle until the proper specification is obtained.
  2. Tighten the injection pump mounting nuts to 18 lb ft (24 N-m).
  3. Remove dial indicator and holder.
  4. If removed, install high pressure fuel lines.
  5. Install timing plug and copper washer into injection pump housing, and tighten to 7 lb ft (10 N-m).
  6. If fuel lines were removed, bleed the fuel system.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok I understand. so if I was to bump it just a tad. How much should I go. I ll check to see if its on or not first.
Sorry but you are asking a question that there is no answer to. The engine should remain in factory time. if you decide to bump it, I would go no more than a tad but... I am sorry in that I can give you exactly what you want as that is changing the design. i hope you understand. If you do anything, just move very little
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok thank you very much. just one more question and i ll get out of your hair and accept your expert answers. Is there any other way to help inprove power with out a big exspenise. dum question i no.

no, this is not a dumb question at all. I am not saying you can not teak the timing advance slightly. It is just my job to give accurate answers per original setup as to avoid possible problems. there is a site shown below that specializes in performance mechanicl pump items to help gain 20-40 Hp in the Cummins engine. you may want to call them and ask what would be best approach.

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