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2005 Dodge Magnum: brake lights..tail lights, backup, blinkers,..bulbs

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I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum RT and the brake lights (all three) are not working. Everything else works fine, tail lights, backup, blinkers, etc... The fuse and bulbs are fine. I have replaced the stoplight switch. There is power going to the switch and it tests out ok. So I would think the problem is somewhere between the switch and the tail lights. I dropped it off at a repair shop today and they could not find the problem. Is there another fuse or relay that I can check? I don't know what else to do other than drop it off at the dealer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark

have you check fuse #19 and #29 on the pdc relay box

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I have you checked fuse #19 and #29 on rear of the vehicle. I believe #19 is a 10 amp and #29 is a 5 amp fuse.
yes correct , ok if you have power to the switch and out of the switch then the next problem will be the parking lights and brake lights inhibit relay call combination relay you are going to need to replace this relay its located in the same pdc box, youcan get this relay at a regular auto parts or dealer .
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Parking lights and brake lights inhibit relay call combination relay? What number is XXXXX in the box?

its the parking lamp relay on the picture.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What picture? There is a 15 amp fuse located in the front Power Distribution Center (under the hood) named "Park Lamp" but it is not blown. As for the "Parking Lamp Relay", I don't see anything in the owners manual and I still don't know where that would be located.
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is the stop lamp inhibitor relay
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ricardo, I cannot view the image you sent. I have tried on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Can you try to re-post it another way? As for the "stop lamp inhibitor relay", I really hope it is that simple but I do not see any information in the owners manual regarding that relay.

i dont understand why you are having problems viewing the emage because its there ln the power distribution center is a relay name stop lamp inhibitor, and yes it is that simple a cave man can do it, let me see if i can get you somenthing simpler.i will be back in 10 minutes.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

OK, I have a couple of things...


I know this morning I was unable to see the image for some reason but I can now see it. I did take a look at the it and I see where the "relay-stop lamp inhibit" is located. That is #45 and in the owners manual it only lists up to #44, so needless to say it did not list it in the manual. I went ahead and I did replace that relay but it still did not work. One other thing that I did notice though... The red light on the dash indicating "Brake" is lit when I turn the key. I guess it was probably there before but I just didn't notice it. Any other ideas?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX last response "The red light on the dash indicating "Brake" is lit when I turn the key", you can ignore that. I just noticed that the parking brake was pressed just enough to enable that light.


I am going to try to troubleshoot a little more but if I can't find a solution with in the next couple of hours or so, I'll have to bite the bullet and bring it into the dealer. I was hoping I would avoid that. Any other ideas?

i am sorry its heading to be a dealers problem, but lest try a little more you don't have to accept, any way until its fix, you have nothing to loose ok,,let me go back on the wiring and get back to you in 5 minutes.
just to give you an idea how they work., can you make sure the switch was install properly?and can you check for power output from the switch when presing on the brake pedal, if you need to know wire function or colors let me know i can send you the wire conector functions.........................

The stop lamp switch (2) is located under the instrument panel at the brake pedal arm. This switch contains three internal switches controlling various functions of the vehicle, one of them controls operation of the vehicle s brake lamps. Other functions of the internal switches include speed control deactivation and brake sense for the ABS and the brake transmission shift interlock.

The stop lamp switch has three internal switches used for various functions. Among these are:

  • Brake lamp actuation
  • Speed control deactivation, and
  • Brake sense for ABS and brake transmission shift interlock

When the brake pedal is in the released position, the plunger on the outside of the stop lamp switch is pushed inward by the brake pedal. In this position, the electrical contacts for one internal switch are open while the electrical contacts for other two internal switches are closed.

When the brake pedal is pressed, the plunger on the outside of the stop lamp switch extends outward. This action closes the electrical contacts for the one internal switch and opens the contacts for the remaining two switches within the stop lamp switch. The internal switch which closes when the brake pedal is pressed completes the circuit to the brake lamps at the rear of the vehicle, thus allowing illumination of the brake lamps and the center-high mounted stop lamp (CHMSL).



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Very nice information. I properly installed a new switch and it does exactly as described but the brake lights are still not triggered. There is power coming from the switch. Taking a look at that diagram, I am familiar with #1 and #2. I don't know if 3 through 6 would be related to this issue.
no 3 and 6 are for trailer tow do you have a trailer tow package?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No tow package.


I finally know what the cause of the problem is after I took it into another shop. Although everything in the back looked brand new, battery, power box, spare tire, ect... they found the wiring harness tucked under the battery (a Chrysler design flaw) and it was deteriorated from battery acid. I am not sure how much it will cost me yet. They extend from the front of the vehicle to the rear and the cost is from $900 to upwards of $2000 not including 8+ hours of labor costs. Needless to say this doesn't make me too happy. Although I am a HUGE Mopar fan, Chrysler will recieve a major complaint from me. Ricardo, thank you very much for your help.

ok , you should call the 1800 865 star., striate to costumer service at the factory and complaint and they will probably will probably help you with the bill i have seen people come out with good results on this, i am happy the problem was found , not the way we want it to come out but the problem is over, thank you for your patience.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I am sorry about not getting back to you until now; I have been VERY busy this week. I finally got my Magnum back and they did a great job. The problem was a damaged battery that leaked acid and bad design by Chrysler (wiring harness directly under the battery). If I went to a dealer to get it repaired, it would have been somewhere from $2000 to $3000. After everything was said and done, they replaced the battery, neutralized the acid that was spilled, re-routed the wiring harness and replaced all of the damaged wires for $800. I haven't had a chance to contact Chrysler about this yet, but I will.


I just want to thank you very much for your help! Although I had to go to a shop and get this repaired, your troubleshooting skills were very helpful. I will use and recommend JustAnswer in the future.


Thanks again!


hi, i am glad the problem was solved and any way it was bel your ability to repair, if i was you i would call customer service and have them review this repair and assist you with the cost of repair, they will help if you agrees the complaint to them . i thank you very much.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ricardo, that 800 number that you left me is not correct. Do you have another number for Chrysler customer complaints? Thanks, Mark
unless they change the number sorry its the only one 1800-860-STAR or1800- 850 -STAR.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It's 850. Thanks again!
ok thank you.