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Hi, 92 Dodge Spirit broken timing belt. Engine is 2.5L non-turbo. Disassemble

Resolved Question:

'92 Dodge Spirit broken timing belt. Engine is 2.5L non-turbo.
Disassembled all. Set camshaft gear at 12 o'clock in relation to cylinder head. Have not removed valve cover, appears that the 9 and 3 o'clock triangles sre aligned with the cam bearing parting line. Located TDC in cylinder no. 1, dimple on crankshaft gear mates up with chisel mark on intermediate shaft. So far, ok, here's my question:
Usually see a reference line on the flywheel edge. I can only see a large "0" which must be the reference mark? At TDC, cylinder no. 1, the window on the transaxle should show reference point at zero degrees. The zero reference is just beyond view in the window, approx at 22-24 degres. Is that correct? Probably doesn't matter but had transaxle repaired last year. Could flywheel have been installed incorrectly? I know some flywheels attach only one way while others must be pin pricked to install correctly. If I turn crank gear further CW, dimple is at about 3 o'clock. Thanks, Hank. $10.00?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  moparfl replied 7 years ago.
  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable, then raise and support the vehicle with jackstands.
  2. Remove the right-hand inner splash shield.
  3. Loosen the crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley retaining bolts.
  4. Remove the accessory drive belts, then the crankshaft and water pump pulleys.

Fig. 13 Timing belt cover removal.

  1. Remove the nuts securing the timing belt cover to the cylinder head and the cylinder block, then the timing belt cover halves.
  2. Support the engine with a suitable jack, then remove the right-hand engine mount bolt and raise the engine slightly.

Cam Belt Routing

  1. Loosen the timing belt tensioner, then remove the timing belt.


Fig. 1 Crankshaft And Intermediate Sprocket Timing Marks

  1. Rotate the crankshaft and the intermediate shaft until the markings on the sprockets are aligned as shown.

Fig. 2 Camshaft Sprocket

  1. Rotate the camshaft until the arrows on the hub are aligned with the No.1 camshaft cap to cylinder head line. The small hole must be located along the vertical center line.
  2. Be certain that all timing marks are still aligned.

Cam Belt Routing

  1. Install the timing belt. Recheck all alignment marks.

Fig.XXXXXbelt tension

  1. Set the belt tension, so that the Chrysler belt tension tool's (#C- 4703) axis is within 15°of horizontal.
  2. Rotate the crankshaft two revolutions in the clockwise direction, then position at TDC. Tighten the tensioner locknut.
  3. Reverse steps #1 through #6 to complete installation.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I understand your directions. Shouldn't flywheel reference align with zero degrees in window on transaxle?
Expert:  moparfl replied 7 years ago.
You will have a line on the flywheel that will line up with zero on the bell housing.But you dont need to even look at this with the other marks lined up this is just used to set ing timing with the engine running.
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