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99 dodge durango: spark..dist and at coil coil has power but no pulse

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99 dodge durango 318l has no spark checked at dist and at coil coil has power but no pulse. Replaced cam sensor and crank sensor and still no spark
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

If you are sure that the cam and crank sensors are ok, and you are sure you have no primary pulse to the ignition coil, then it's likely you are dealing with a bad PCM.

the most often seen problems with these no spark conditions on the dodge v-8s is number 1, a faulty crank sensor, 2, faulty ignition coil, and 3, faulty PCM. If you are sure that the PCM is getting good signals from the Cam and crank sensors (lab scope will be needed to verify this) and the coil is sitill not getting a trigger to ground (connect a test light to battery positive and connect the test light tip to the black/gray wire of the coil conenctor and it should blink while cranking the engine) then the PCM is most likely faulty.

Good luck and if this answers your question, please ACCEPT my work. Let me know if you need anything else.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I replaced the sensors with new parts. When I checked for a pulse at coil I checked test light to ground will recheck test light to positive, if it pulses does that mean bad coil?
If you have a pulse at the coil, then it's either a bad coil, bad coil wire to the cap (very common) or a bad cap and or rotor. If you have pulse, use a plug wire from another cylinder and connect it to the coil and check for spark out the other end of the wire. If it's there, replace the wires. if not, replace the coil.
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