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1996 Ram 1500: which fuse and relay are control

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which fuse and relay are associated with the cruise control on a 1996 Ram 1500?

There are no specific fuses or relays involved in the cruise control system on your truck.


What is your concern?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I bought the truck used. The cruise control has never worked. I got a new steering wheel cruise control switch at a junk yard and the green light comes on when I push the on/off switch. I found a little tube disconected from the, I think you call it the actuator, mounted on the left front wheel well. I reconnected that yesterday, no easy task since the thing is under the shelf the battery sits on and I couldn't get the shelf off, but still the cruise isn't working. I thought there might be a fuse or a relay to check.

Ok, that little tube is likely a vacuum line. Check to see if you have vacuum on that line and that it is connected to the intake manifold on the other end.


The 2 most likely causes would be a bad brake light switch or the servo itself which is what the little tube attaches to.


Here is a test for the servo.


  • Start engine.
  • DisconnectXXXXXelectrical connector at servo graphic
  • Turn speed control switch to ON position.
  • Check for battery voltage at pin - 3 of wiring harnessXXXXXconnector This is the 12 volt feed from the stoplamp switch. When the brake pedal is depressed, voltage should not be present at pin - 3. If voltage is not present with brake pedal not depressed, check for continuity between servo and stop lamp switch. Also check stop lamp switch adjustment. Refer toBrakes for procedures.
  • Connect a small gauge jumper wire between the disconnected servo harnessXXXXXconnector pin - 3, and pin - 3 on the servo. Check for battery voltage at pins - 1, 2 and 4 of the servo. If battery voltage is not at these pins, replace the servo
  • Turn ignition switch to OFF position. Check for continuity between disconnected servo harnessXXXXXconnector pin - 4 and a good ground. There should be continuity. If not OK, repair open circuit to ground as required



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