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Dodge Caravan: V6 engine..oil pressure low light comes..200 miles

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Have a Dodge Caravan 2000 3.3L V6 engine... oil pressure low light comes on after driving a long distance (200 miles). Pressure indicated on guage seems unchanged. The alarm goes off after a couple of seconds and comes back again randomly, only to turn off in 5-10 seconds.
Had the oil changed, engine flushed and cleaned at Valvoline. Had an auto mechanic change the oild pressure sensor switch, which seemed to help a bit (now alarm comes on after much longer drive).
Ododmeter has 153000 on it.
You will need to test it with a manual gauge.If the pressure is dropping below 7 lb pressure, hot, at idle, in drive, then you will need at least an oil pump, and maybe crankshaft bearings.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for your answer.

Assuming I do need an oil pump and crankshaft bearings, what would be a reasonable expense for this repair?

How long do you think it would take?

I am now about 350 miles from home and need to return tomorrow. Is it ok for me to continue driving?

Should I use some additive to keep me going till I get home?

It should end up costing you less than $1,000, if it did not use much oil. If it started using more thann 1 qt in 500 miles, then you sahould concider another motor, or have a completye rerbuild. These engines are bullit proof, so you could feel safe fixing yours, and getting another 150,000+ miles. For now I would add a bottle of Lucus oil treatment, or the old stand by, STP oil treatment.As long as it runs most of the time with the light or alarm off, you will be OK. Good luck

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks a lot, very reassuring. I'll follow your advice.

If they put in too thin of oil, could be a problem also. Many garages now put 5w30, or 5w20 in everything.If they put fresh oil in, that is 5w30, or 20, you could then put in 2 of the STP size bottles in. Five qt.s of 10w30, and a bottle of STP may fix you up fort a while.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have been using Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic blend oil since the Odometer went over 85,000 miles. I believe that is 10W30. I will add STP like you said. Will let you know how things worked out tomorrow when I get back home. Thanks.