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Ricardo Hohl
Ricardo Hohl, Master Certified Tech
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Automotive instructor at Porter and Chester institute
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Replace the lower ball joint of my 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd truck

Resolved Question:

How do I replace the lower ball joint of my 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd truck
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
first you will need to start with releasing spring presure.
Service and Repair


  1. Raise and support vehicle.
  2. Remove tire and wheel assembly.
  3. Remove brake caliper assembly and rotor.
  4. Disconnect tie rod from steering knuckle.
  5. Disconnect stabilizer bar link from lower suspension arm.
  6. Support lower suspension arm outboard end with jack. Place jack under arm in front of shock mount.
  7. Remove cotter pin and nut from lower ball stud. Separate ball stud with remover C-4150A, or equivalent.
  8. Remove lower shock bolt from suspension arm.
  9. Lower jack and suspension arm until spring tension is relieved. Remove spring and rubber isolator.
Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
then you will need to do the following, but you will need to rent a ball join remover.
Lower Ball Joint Replacement

NOTE: If the ball joint is tack welded to the suspension arm, the suspension arm must be replaced.

Suspension Arm

  1. Raise and support vehicle.
  2. Follow procedure under Coil Spring Removal.
  3. Remove bolts mounting suspension arm to crossmember and remove arm. Installation
  1. Position suspension arm on crossmember and install bolts and nuts snug.
  2. Follow procedure under Coil Spring Installation. Please refer to Steering and Suspension/Suspension/Coil Spring/Service and Repair/ See: Coil Spring\Service and Repair
  3. Remove support and lower vehicle.
  4. Tighten suspension arm crossmember nuts to 196 Nm (145 ft. lbs.) . Ball Joint Disassembly
  1. Remove lower suspension arm.

Lower Ball Joint Removal

  1. Position special tool on lower suspension arm and press out ball joint. Assembly

Lower Ball Joint Installation

  1. Press replacement ball joint into the lower suspension arm bore with special tools.
  2. Install lower suspension arm.
Ricardo Hohl and 3 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Ball joint is not tack welded.

I thought the ball joint was removed by pressing up on the ball joint stud, with ball joint gong into the receiver cup From what you indicate the ball joint is pressed out by pressing on the top of the ball joint , with ball joint stud end going into recever cup, which is why the ball stud has to be removed from the steering knuckle, spring removed, etc. to let the control arm swing away, giving access to top of ball joint. I was tring to remove ball joint just the opposite. Is this correct?

Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
i am sorry its an error from all data you are rigth the removel is actually the instalation sorry you dont have to use it i will remove it from the window.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Don't understand your reply, "removel is actually the installation-- will remove it from the window."
Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
the procedure i send to you is the correct procedure for removal i am sorry we keep getting mix up with some one else . the ball joint comes of trough the baton not the top and goes in from the baton in to the top, the tool is to help you remove the ball join and to install the ball joint .