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1993 Dodge Dakota: overdrive or cruise control and..highway

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Have a 1993 Dodge Dakota V6 Automatic have had no overdrive or cruise control and yesterday was going down the highway and all of a sudden it kicked into overdrive and the cruise control started working. Drove the rest of the 45 min to work parked and once again have no overdrive or cruise. What is the problem?

Hi and welcome to Just answer.

Have you attempted any repairs yet? Do you have access to a scan tool? Is anything else acting funny?

I look forward to your replies!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Changed filter and fluid with ATF+4 was told to check electrical connections but

cannot locate then only find the back/neutrel switch. Transmission is strong through 3rd

but gas milage is bad because at 60 it is running at 3200 rpm yesterday it droped to 2200 at 70 and ran good. Drove like I said 45 miles to work overdrive worked engaged and disengaged when swith was pushed and cruise control worked. Parked at work

and 4 hrs later had to go somewhere and again no overdrive or cruise.

OK there is a common sensor that works for both these. Do you have access to a scan tool to read possible codes stored in the computer?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No and Autozone said it cannot be hocked to a scan tools because on this year they do not have a scan port. If this is incorrect I can probalbly obtain one.

Hi, I can still help you get the codes from your system. You can turn the key in a sequence and watch for the check engine light to flash. The sequence is turn the key, on-off-on-off and leave it on when you turn it on for the 3rd time, then watch the check engine light. It will flash in 2 digit codes, flash, small pause and flash, flash would be code 12, the codes should show at least a 55 when this is done correct. 55 would be end of loop and the last codes that flashes. Can you please do this and tell me what code you system has if any?

Thanks and I look forward to your reply!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it came on for a sec then flashed 1, pause, 2 flash, pause ,1 flash ,pause, 5 flash ,pause, then 5 flash pause and 5 flash pause then out

OK Thanks for that the code you have is code 15, the 12 just means the battery has been disconnected. Code 15 is the vehicle speed sensor and will cause this exact issue. The Vehicle speed sensor is in the dirvers side of the trans near the back, it has a 2 wire connector and probably a cable as well. This is the sensor that is giving you an issue. Replace it and your truck should be good to go!!

Thanks and have a great day!!

1dodgewrench and other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Look at the lower right trans figure, it will show you where your sensor is located in the trans!graphic
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank You I went to junk yard got one put it on and it is now working. Should I disconnect battery to clear code or will it go away on its own
Either will work, the code will clear itself or you can disconnect the battery but its not needed. Thanks and have a great night!!