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2005 dodge ram 4.7L overheating. new radiator,thermostat, waterpump.

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2005 dodge ram 4.7L overheating. new radiator,thermostat, waterpump. seems to only do it at highway speed. any ideas

Greetings and thank you for your post. Well it sounds like you may have a bad fan clutch. In some cases you can check the fan clutch for looseness by grabbing the fan and using a push/pull motion to check for excess play. If the vehicle temp is fine at idle it would certainly seem like the fan clutch is working but if the fan clutch is not able to keep up with the load that is being caused at highway speeds due to excess play leading to a slip like condition then it would cause an overheat condition at higher rpms. One more thing, I would double check the radiator to make sure there is no restriction by getting the vehicle to operating temp and running your hand across the whole radiator making sure the temp feels the same all the way across.If you find any cool spots then I would definitely suspect a restriction in the radiator new or not I have encountered this as well.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i had considered that as i had thought i heard some noise from that area. radiator is new and had just replaced head gaskets.runs at normal temps at idle just if i get it on the highway say 55 mph or so it starts to get hot to point of light coming on and gauge pegged. i thought maybe an airlock also. is that possible an how would i get it out if that may be the case/ i hav seen tons of forums on the internet with lots of other people having same prob with this engine.
Well if there is an airlock it normally would overheat regardless of speed but if you want to make sure that there is no air in the system you can purchase a airlifter tool which refills the coolant system through means of compression and fluid. You will need a compressor handy because they work off of compression. You can purchase this tool through any tool dealer like snap on matco or mac. You might also try lifting the truck from one side with a jack and filling the system up this way. This is an "oldschool" way of filling the cooling system it forces air out of the system by shifting all the coolant to one side of the radiator. You need to be very careful not to overheat this engine to much due to the all aluminum heads and block!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you very much. will try the fan clutch tommorrow. just a ? i have lifted the truck 8 in but it never used to do this before even when llifted. was driving one day an heard a noise an saw steam. both heater hoses blew off at the same time an truck has never been the same since this happened. as always u guys have been very helpfull an i do everything you say.
Well thank you very much and I hope we have been helpful. I hope this takes care of your situation.
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