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my 1500 ram started making load humming noise a few weeks ago

Resolved Question:

my 1500 ram started making load humming noise a few weeks ago , i had it tuned up , i got new tries and had it balenced, and some bal joints replaced, also i was told that the trans axle on my truck year makes noise as it get older, i had noise reducing lube put in trans axle, but it still makes noise at 45mph and above' what can i do
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  CDJMasterTech replied 8 years ago.
You do not have a transaxle this is what front wheel drive cars have, it is the combination of a transmission and axle. Your truck has a separate transmission and axle assembly. Nothing on your truck should make noise as it gets older unless there is a problem. You need to take your truck to someone who can properly diagnose the source of the noise and repair it. The most likely source of your noise is going to be in the rear axle, it probably has one or more failing bearings and will need to be overhauled. The rear axle needs to be serviced every 15000 miles, most people do not perform this maintenance and this severely reduces the life of the axle. If I have answered your question please hit accept and feel free to ask any further questions regarding this matter.
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