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2006 Grand Caravan SXT Right side sliding door will start to

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2006 Grand Caravan SXT Right side sliding door will start to open automaticlly (about 6 inches and then stop) will not work again until you shut the door then it does it again. Any ideas...cant find schematic or I could fix it.
you probably have a broken wire in the wires that run in that little channel, under the door. It looks like a black motorcycle chain; it has a latch that you can unhook, then pull out the wire. You can unhook it at each end, and check each wire with an ohm meter first. I have seen at least a dozen with broken wires in that channel. let me know if you need any more help, or wiring diagrams; I will be back later today.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I fyou have a wiring disgram it would be greatly appreciated. I test avionics of new airplanes for a living a fill sure I can find it with a diagram. I know just thr track you are talking about. I even took the switch out of the gold bracket under the drive sproket and slaved it in on the other side because I could not hear it clicking like the other side, but that did not help. Can you be more clear on where you are saying that I can unhook it? I see a big plug at the base of the door but where the wires turn up to go to the switch I do not see anything. Any additional help will be greatly appreciated.


I will send you a couple diagrams to get you started, then I'll be back later today. First one is grounds.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Last thing then I should be ok to ring these wires out. Can you tell me where to go to disconnect the plugs to ring the wires out in the black flex channel where you think a wire is broken. I understand that this is a good answer according to others, but I am still looking for the places to "unhook" to ring the wires out and help will be greatly appreciated.

Here is the harness removal proceedure:


1.Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
2.Remove the appropriate door trim panel from the power sliding door, (Refer to 23 - Body/Doors - Sliding/PANEL, Door Trim - Removal) .

3.Remove the lower drive unit cover retaining screws and remove the cover Fig. 1 .

4.Disconnect the power sliding door electrical connector, located just behind the lower drive unit assembly.
5.Disengage retaining pushpin and pull wire harness away from its power sliding door mounting location.
6.Using a suitable flat bladed tool, unsnap the wire harness retaining clip from the lower drive unit.
7.Slide the wire harness off the forward lower drive unit stud.
8.Using a pushpin removal tool (special tool # XXXXX), unsnap wire harness retaining pushpins from the rocker panel.
9.Remove sliding door lower sill plate, (Refer to 23 - Body/Interior/PLATE, Scuff - Removal) .
10.Pull back the rearward edge of the B-pillar trim to access the wire harness connector and disconnect connector.
11.Remove the wire harness assembly from the vehicle.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you For the help but I hate this van. You were right on there was a broken wire. I repaired it and the door worked fine for 4 or 5 times. Then my wife tried it and now it will not work at all it is completely dead! I guess maybe the door control module when out.

did you put on a new harness or did you repair? It may have another broken wire

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I used some splices from work to splice it back together. I rang the wires out again after it stopped working and they all rang out good. It is acting really wierd. One of the wires I have a constant 5 VDC and one of the others I get 12 VDC with the overhead switch and the remote but the door button I do not. When I press the overhead switch and the remote the door unlocks and energizes but the motor does not drive. When I press the door button it does not do anything. I will ring the wires out again. The wire that was broke was the red/black.

I have another problem I would like some help on how do I go about asking it so that you can get paid for the help with it???
You can just ask it here, and accept again, when you are happy( bonuses are always apreciated also)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Will it give me the option to add more money to my account to pay you with???

I guess I should just bite the bullet and take it in for the door.

The other question is the passenger airbag light does not stay illuminated when the seat is empty. When you start the van the light comes on like it is doing a startup test and then goes out. Any thoughts?
the air bag light is ''pass. air bag off'' isn't it? The light should be off, until a rear facing child seat is installed,. or a light passenger under a certain weight. it works automatic. yes you should be able to add money at the accept button. Thanks and good luck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes that is the light I am talking about. When the seat is empty the light should be on but it is not. Any idea what to check?
when the seat is empty, the light should be off. The light is yo warn you that the pass. seat air bag is limited, or turned off due to light weight, or due to a rear facing child seat.When the seat is empty, the light should be off.When you turn the key on and the light comes on; this is not just a light bulb test, this is a system test. If there were any problems in your entire air bag system, the red air bag icon would stay lit on the dash after this test.