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Experience:  20+ years Dodge Dealer experience, ASE Master Certified and Viper Certified & Diesel Certified
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2001 dodge ram 2500: oil leak..vacuum..a seal kit (cummins..idling

Customer Question

(2001 Dodge Ramm 2500 diesel) I have an oil leak at the adapter between the vacuum ump and the power steering pump. I installed a seal kit (cummins) from my dodge dealer but it leaked in the same place. It leaks pretty badly while running and leaves puddles when I stop, especially when idling down the engine. The truck has 118,000 miles.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  1dodgewrench replied 8 years ago.

Hi and welcome to Just Answer.

I have experienced this issue before and the repair ended up being a bit more complex than seals. I had to replace the vacuum pump itself and then all the vacuum lines had to be replaced, the one I worked on even had oil in the plastic lines in the dash for the A/C control head. You may want to check you vacuum hoses and see how oil soaked they are. I know this is probably no the answer you were hoping for but I was lead to believe there was something wrong in the vacuum pump and it was pulling oil out of the engine.

I hope this helps

Thanks and I look forward to you reply

Have a good weekend!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The leak is coming from the adapter on the power steering pump side out of the arch shaped area of the casting where you can see the steel cylinder that has the o-ring on the outside and the seal and adapter disc inside. does this change yur diagnosis?
Expert:  1dodgewrench replied 8 years ago.

Is this motor oil or power steering fluid?


Expert:  1dodgewrench replied 8 years ago.

Ok here is the bulletin I found on your subject. You may want to check the part number and check the procedure and see if it is possible a mistake was made with one of the seals (we all do it) and if not and you decide to take it apart and check look for o rings that may have got cut when installing them. I usually use something like vaseline when installing O-rings and if the surfaces don't look as good where the o-rings go you may want to try and small amount of silicone, careful not to seal up the weep hole that is in the bottom of the housing to let you know there is a leak.

Also please do check your vacuum lines to see if they are all oily. If they are they could be draining back on your repair and fooling us both.

Thanks and I hope this helps, Please let me know how you progress.

DATE: March 16, 2004

This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair. .


Vacuum Pump Service


2000 - 2002 (BR/BE) Ram Truck


A new vacuum pump seal repair kit has been released, p/n 05140342AA, This kit can

be used to repair oil leaks between the vacuum pump and the power steering pump.

The vacuum pump was previously serviced as an assembly only.


Qty. Part No. Description

1 05140342AA Vacuum Pump Seal Kit

NOTE: This Bulletin Applies to Vehicles Equipped With Cummins Diesel

Engines, Sales Code ETC or ETH.


1. Disconnect both batteries.

2. Drain the power steering pump of fluid.

3. Disconnect the high-pressure supply hose and the two return hoses

from the power steering pump.

4. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the vacuum pump.

5. Disconnect the flexible oil supply hose from the vacuum pump.

6. Remove the vacuum/steering pump assembly from the engine by removing

two cap screws from the vacuum pump main flange, and the cap screws

holding the steering pump bracket to the cylinder block. Note the position

of the block support bracket for reassembly.

7. Separate vacuum pump from steering pump by removing four (4) nuts M10. Carefully

remove the p/s pump from the vacuum pump and set aside (Fig. 1).

09-009-04 -2-


8. Remove two cap screws holding vacuum pump housing and vacuum pump

bearing housing. Remove the bearing housing (Fig. 2).


9. Place vacuum pump bearing housing seal surface facing up. Place 10 mm

thick metal plate or similar flat piece to level the housing with the bench

(Figure 3). Drive the seal retainer out of the housing using a 1" OD drift or

equivalent deep wall socket and a mallet (Fig. 3).

-3- 09-009-04


10. Remove O-ring from the shaft seal sleeve and discard (Figure 5).


1 - O-Ring

11. Using a 1-3/8" drift or equivalent OD socket, press the seal out of the sleeve (Figure 6).

09-009-04 -4-


1 - Socket

12. Thoroughly clean all parts prior to assembly.

13. Lubricate the OD of the new shaft seal with engine oil and press it into the

sleeve with the seal face down, (Fig. 6) using a 1-3/8" drift or equivalent size

socket, making sure seal is fully seated in the housing.


1 - Seal

-5- 09-009-04

14. Install the smaller O-ring from the service kit into the groove on the sleeve

(Fig. 7). Lightly lubricate the O-ring with engine oil.


1 - O-Ring

15. Place vacuum pump bearing housing, sealing face down, on a clean bench (Figure

10). Insert cross coupling plate to the bottom of the bore (Fig. 8).


1 - Cross Coupling

09-009-04 -6-

16. Install the sleeve, O-ring end first, into the bore by hand. Using a press or rubber mallet,

fully press the sleeve into the bore until seated (Fig. 9). Verify the cross coupling plate

rotates freely. Verify the O-ring has not been pinched or is out of position.


1 - Shaft Sleeve

17. Install the larger O-ring included in the service kit in the clean groove of the vacuum

pump housing (Fig. 10). Lightly lubricate O-ring with engine oil.

-7- 09-009-04


1 - Large O-Ring

2 - Drive Tangs

18. Carefully install the bearing housing to the vacuum pump housing, making sure

dowel pin seats into the dowel hole, and the shaft drive tangs align with the cross

coupling slot (rotate the pump shaft if necessary (Fig. 10). Secure with two

M10 cap screws and torque to 30 Nm (22 ft-lb) (Figure 16).

CAUTION: Failure to align drive tangs with the cross coupling slot prior to

tightening cap screws will result in pump damage.

19. Inspect the Power Steering pump drive lug and clean any old seal residue

from its surface using solvent and a rag.

20. Carefully install the power steering pump to the vacuum pump, aligning the drive dogs

on the p/s pump shaft with the slots in the cross plate (Fig. 11), making sure the dust

lip of the shaft seal is not bent or damaged (Figure 17). Secure with the three nuts to

the steering pump stud bolts and torque to 24 Nm (18 ft-lb). Install the pump support

bracket to the lower inboard stud; secure finger tight with the remaining nut.

09-009-04 -8-


1 - Drive Dogs

21. Clean the sealing surface on the accessory drive flange. Install vacuum/steering

pump assembly to the engine using a new gasket. Secure with two 12mm

cap screws, and torque to 77 Nm (57 ft-lb).

22. Fasten the power steering pump support bracket to the cylinder block with

the M8 cap screw, torque to 24 Nm (18 ft-lb), and torque the M10 nut

on the steering pump to 24 Nm (18 ft-lb).

23. Connect the oil feed line to the vacuum pump connector and tighten line fitting.

Connect vacuum hose to the vacuum pump and secure with the clamp.

24. Connect steering pump pressure and return lines to the power steering pump.

Tighten the pressure line fitting to 30 Nm (22 ft-lb).

25. Fill power steering pump reservoir and purge air from steering pump lines.

26. Reconnect the batteries.

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Expert:  1dodgewrench replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for the accept, I hope it helps. I will give you a good feedback, please consider doing the same for me.

Have a great weekend!!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
Expert:  1dodgewrench replied 8 years ago.

Sorry I could not give you enough help with this, I will opt out and see if another expert can better assist you.