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98 dodge caravan: owners manual..disable..the automatic door lock..van

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I have a 98 dodge caravan. Used so I don't have the owners manual.

How do I disable the automatic door lock when the van goes above 15 to 16 miles per hour?
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Use the following procedure to enable or disable this door lock feature:

To change the automatic door lock selection, do the following:

1. Close all doors.

2. Place the ignition key in the OFF position for 20 seconds or more.

3. Turn ignition key to the run position and to the OFF position without cranking the engine four times. The malfunction lamp will come on each

time the key is in the run position.

4. Press the door lock button to lock the doors. This procedure reverses the automatic door lock option, Enable to Disable, or Disable to Enable.

If the present option is undesirable, repeat to arrive at the desired option

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