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2003 dodge: o2 sensor..the exhaust..connector..check engine light

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I put an o2 sensor in my 2003 dodge 2500 4x4 5.7 l hemi . the old one fell on the exhaust and burned the wires and connector . I tried matching them as best i could but the check engine light comes on with trouble code p0135,p0132 . What color wires go to the two black wires on the o2 and what wires go to the gray and white wires . Upstream o2 ?
Hello and thank you for choosing Just Answer!

This thing van be wired up a few different ways.. but I can give you the basics and you can compare the wire colors to what you have.

The black wires on your sensor are for the heater element... they would go to pin 1 and 2...
The White wire is supposed to be signal on these aftermarkets.. Might check the papers that came with it.. But the signal will go to pin 4.. Well the wire that has constant voltage.. (about 5DCV) when the key is on.
The gray wire (should be the return) will go to pin 3 of course..

Here is a picture of how it used to be.. so you can compare wire colors to what you have.


If you have it wired up right then we will look further into the codes.

Hope it helps!
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