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95 Dodge Dakota No Spark, No fuel, No start

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Just bought this truck. Does not start. No fuel, no spark. Replaced auto shut off relay and checked all fuses. I have the wiring diagrams, but not sure where to start. Previous owner states that truck ran fine until stereo was changed back from After market to factory. States that from that point forward, no start. Not sure if that is believable or not. Thanks in advance for your help!
HiCustomer welcome to Just Answer!.

Let's start with a couple simple checks, Ron. Let me know if you have an operational CHECK ENGINE lamp. It should do a 2-3 second bulb test at key-on and then go out.

Then pull the ASD and fuel pump relays. With the key on, there should be two power sources between the four pins around the outside of the relay. Test 'em with a test light if at all possible, but a voltmeter will work for now.

Talk shortly,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your reply Ed!

It appears that I do not have a functional check engine light. Other indicator lights operate (ABS, OIL, BRAKE, etc).

I pulled both relays and tested for voltage at all four pins on both relays using a multimeter. I found 12v at one pin on each relay, the right most pin. Hope that helps. Look forward to your response.

Was that with the key on, Ron?
Sorry if I kept you waiting... special day. =/

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes that was with the key in the run position.
That's strange.
I think you may have two problems in the works there. The key-on source should supply both of the relay control circuits (along with PCM, purge solenoid and EGR solenoid). The second two power sources are direct battery feeds (B+ for short) from the underhood fuse block at Fuse D. These two will remain hot at all times, where the first two will be switched.

But they come in 2s when working right. I figure you have a basic ignition feed problem to the control sides of the relays (and the three other sources above). Recheck your fuses inside the truck to be sure this source isn't being interrupted, which might be consistent with a radio operation gone bad.

My guess is that the single voltage source you're finding right now is B+. That's because of a problem that happens fairly often on the 92-95 Dakotas, where the A14 splice in the left fenderwell harness area rots out. Of the four wires that go into the splice, you can lose each leg individually or all at once.

Here's the general location of the A14 splice...


You'll recognize it as four wires (red/ white) that come together in a hockey stick tape-wrapped splice... not the best way to seal water out. I pretty much expect it to crumble once you get to it!

So... check the ignition feed (inside) and then hit the splice. Let me know what you find!

Talk in a bit,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i will go check the things that you mention. I did however remove the dash panel, the stereo, and the removable panel above the glove box. There I found two thick wires (Green and black), that are just capped of with wirenuts. Not sure what they are for, or where they should be.
That sounds like the heater blower motor. Unfortunately, I don't have a complete wiring diagram for your truck handy... maybe yours will shed some light on the situation.

The wire color on the ignition feed source is dark blue. If you find all fuses to be in good shape (and light up with key on), check the other three stops it makes under the hood. The PCM's pin number for the feed is Pin 9, something you can find by pulling the black plastic shield on the wire side of the 60-way connector. This is what the PCM 60-way looks like...


Pin 3 is your B+ feed (the A14) and both power grounds are at Pins 11 and 12 if you get that far. If you wind up lacking power on some of the switched circuits, the A21-1 splice that's just to the rear of the A14 would be a good place to look.

Good luck!
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