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David Dill
David Dill, Dodge Technician
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Experience:  19 years as Technician, 14 years with Chrysler Group LLC
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2006 Dodge Grand Caravan: the SECOND ROW Stow & Go seats..SE.

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Dear sir,
Please give "step-by-step" diagrahms and the explanation showing HOW to remove the SECOND ROW "Stow & Go" seats in a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SE.
(P.S. - I really enjoyed your "step-by-step" explanation on how to remove the 3rd row seats.)
After these 2nd row seats are removed:                 A) Should the large bolts be screwed back-in to "weather-seal" the van? and                                      B) Will the weight-bearing strength of those large piano-hinge "floor cover panels" be compromised? {Will they still be able to function as part of the "floor" of the van?)

1.Place 2nd row seats in upright position.
Fig. 1
2.Place special tool # XXXXX R1 on seat shaft .

NOTE: Be sure special tool #9313 R1 is firmly seated. Failure to do so could result in injury.'
3.Remove seat from vehicle.

The picture and instructions are very vague but that is all there is. Remove the nuts and remove the seats.

The covers to the seat openings are just plastic and rest on the lip area of the well frame. I would not place large loads on top of the panels.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


A) OK, now I'm beginning to get some sense of what is involved in removing these 2nd-row seats. (We're trying to reduce the overall weight of the van.) I am 60 years old and I've been a contractor for 30 years, so I am "mechanically inclined." However, I have no pictures or instructions yet about :

1) WHERE do I obtain the "special tool" ?

2) HOW do I attach the "special tool" to the "seat shaft."

3) Is this job outlined in a technical MANUAL somewhere ?

4) Is the PURPOSE of the "special tool" to prevent the spring tension from lifting the "bolt plate" as the "nuts" are removed ?

5) After the seats are removed, is it necessary to RE-FASTEN the "nuts" onto the "bolts" to prevent the bolts from falling out ?

This is my first time on "JustAnswer", so I'm not exactly sure how much help & detailed instruction I should expect.

I have not yet received the information that I am needing, however I am hoping that someone who has done this job before (or seen it done) will be able to shed some light on the 5 questions above - so that we can perform the job safely.

Please advise.


The special tool is not available to the layperson, it is supplied to the dealer. I believe it is used to keep the spring loaded flange snapping up when the nuts are removed. The procedure is just as shown, remove the nuts and remove the seat. The bolts are captured and will not fall out.

I have had to remove the seats before to replace the frame that runs around the outside of the seat wells. I did not use the special tool when I did the job, Chrysler is just being cautious. I even had the seats folded into the floor when I did the job.

The instruction I sent you are directly out of the online service manual.

David Dill and other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thank you David.

I truly appreciate your help.


Austin, TEXAS


Glad I could help. Hope it all goes well.