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I need a vacuum system diagram for a Dodge Ram 1500 truck with

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I need a vacuum system diagram for a Dodge Ram 1500 truck with the smaller v8 engine. I have a vacuum leak and think that replacing all the hosing will correc the issue. When I give gas with the air conditioner on, there is a clicking sound and then the air turn hot. If I turn off the ac, wait 30 seconds or so and then turn it back on, it is cold again. It only seems to happy when I am using full power in the truck.
welcome to ja
great truck

under the hood of the truck on the passanger side there is a vaccuum line going into the truck and it is black it goes to the intake
in the vacuum line there is a one way vacuum valve that has gone bad and under full accerlation the vacuum circuit for the as is not getting engough vacuum to maintane the ac blend doors and when this happens it defaults to heat on defrost
this is a very common problem and on my personal truck i took the vacuum valve out of the line and ran it with straight line so it will get better vacuum all the time.
you can get the valve at your local dealer if you want to replace it
try it without and with

i so hope this helps
let me know
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on the fire wall where the 2 ac line goes into the truck is where the vacuum line will be going inside the truck at and follow it out to the vavle and from there to the intake