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my 2001 dodge neon keeps overheating. Replaced thermostat and

Resolved Question:

my 2001 dodge neon keeps overheating. Replaced thermostat and radiator (radiaitor was full of rust/gunk) Car starts fine and runs but over heats after a few miles. could this be caused by water pump malfunction?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  bryang replied 8 years ago.
HiCustomer When the car overheats does the cooling fan come on.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes--the over heating just started suddenly but fan seems to work fine.
Expert:  bryang replied 8 years ago.
Hi again, There are three problems that usually cause overheating thermostat, cooling fan and coolant leak. You said the cooling fan works and the thermostat is new so have you had the cooling system pressure tested to check for leaks? If not that is where I would start. The water pump doesn't usually cause a overheating problem unless it's leaking. Did you replace the radiator cap with the radiator? If not I would have it pressure tested too. Now because there was rust/gunk in the radiator I would have the cooling system flushed to try and remove as much as possible. A engine problem can also cause overheating [head gasket] I would make sure there are no leaks first and that the radiator cap is okay first.

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