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How do you remove a drive axle from a 1997 dodge intrepid

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How do you remove a drive axle from a 1997 dodge intrepid

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Here are the instructions you asked for.




  1. Raise vehicle on jackstands or centered on a frame contact type hoist. Refer to Hoisting, in the Lubrication and Maintenance section of this manual, for the required lifting procedure to be used for this vehicle.
  2. Remove the front wheel and tire assembly from the vehicle.
  3. Remove the front caliper assembly from the front steering knuckle assembly Refer to Front Disc Brake Service in the Brake Section of this service manual for caliper removal procedure.
  4. Remove front braking disk (rotor) from hub, by pulling it straight off wheel mounting studs
  5. Remove the speed sensor cable routing bracket from the strut assembly Remove the hub and bearing to stub axle retaining nut Install Puller, Special Tool 6790 on hub and bearing assembly , using wheel lug nuts to secure it in place.
  6. Install a wheel lug nut on wheel stud to protect the threads on the stud. Install a flat blade pry tool to keep hub from turning. Using Puller, force the outer stub axle from the hub and bearing asssembly
  7. Dislodge inner tripod joint from stub shaft retaining snap ring on transaxle assembly Inner tripod joint is dislodged from stub shaft retaining snap ring, by inserting a pry bar between transaxle case and inner tripod joint and prying on tripod joint. Only disengage the inner tripod joint from the retaining snap ring. Do not attempt to remove the inner tripod joint from the transmission stub shaft at this time.

    CAUTION: The strut assembly to steering knuckle bolts are serrated where they go through strut assembly and steering knuckle. When removing bolts, turn nuts off bolts. DO NOT TURN BOLTS IN STEERING KNUCKLE. If bolts are turned, damage to steering knuckle will result.

  8. Remove the strut assembly to steering knuckle attaching boltsRemove the top of the steering knuckle from the strut assembly
  9. CAUTION: When removing outer C/V joint from hub and bearing assembly, do not allow the flinger disk on hub and bearing assembly to become damaged. Damage to the flinger disk will cause dirt and water intrusion into bearing. Premature bearing failure will result.

  10. Hold outer C/V joint assembly with one hand. Grasp steering knuckle with other and rotate it out and to the rear of the vehicle, until outer C/V joint clears hub and bearing assembly
  11. Remove driveshaft inner tripod joint from transaxle stub shaft. When removing driveshaft, do not pull on interconnecting shaft to remove inner tripod joint from stub shaft. Removal in this manner will separate the spider assembly from the tripod joint housing. Grasp inner tripod joint and interconnecting shaft and pull on both pieces at the same time
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