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2003 Dodge stratus: sedan is overheating..radiator hose..thermostat

Resolved Question:

2003 Dodge stratus sedan is overheating. Radiator fluid is low and saw some bubbling near the radiator hose connection to the thermostat. What do u think is wrong?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Eric replied 8 years ago.



Sounds like either thermostat gasket or housing is leaking, hose leaking, or clamp not tightened causing the leak.


If hose is real swollen at end near the thermostat, the clamp is most likely cutting into it at this point- you would need to replace hose.


If you are unable to identify leak on your own, you would need to have a cooling systme pressure test done which positively identifies leak. Most shops charge $30-35 for this test. Worth the price to make sure you are replacing the right part and not guessing.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
one last thing, do u think i could still drive the vehicle if i keep refilling the radiator tank with water?
Expert:  Eric replied 8 years ago.


Make sure you check it between every place you turn car off at. I would not go too long. A slow leak can suddenly become a severe leak which could cause vehicle to overheat and lead to extermely expensive repairs.

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