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How to change the fan clutch on 03 Dodge Ram Diesel.

Resolved Question:

How to change the fan clutch on 03 Dodge Ram Diesel.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  vipertech763 replied 8 years ago.

Good evening, here is the information you requested:



CAUTION: If the electronically controlled viscous fan drive is replaced because of mechanical damage, the cooling fan blades should also be inspected. Inspect for fatigue cracks, or chipped blades that could have resulted from excessive vibration. Replace fan blade assembly if any of these conditions are found. Also inspect wiring harness and connectors for damage.

  1. Disconnect the battery negative cables.
  2. Remove fan shroud-to-engine bracket nuts (1).
  3. Disconnect electronically controlled viscous fan electrical connector (4) at lower fan shroud bracket.
  4. Remove wiring bracket -to-lower fan shroud bracket mounting bolt (2).
  5. Remove fan drive wire harness support from fan sharoud.

    CAUTION: Do not remove the fan pulley bolts. This pulley is under spring tension.

  6. The electronically controlled viscous fan drive/fan blade assembly is attached (threaded) to the fan pulley shaft .Remove the fan blade/fan drive assembly from fan pulley by turning the mounting nut counterclockwise (as viewed from front). Threads on the viscous fan drive are RIGHT-HAND. A 36 MM Fan Wrench can be used. Place a bar or screwdriver between the fan pulley bolts to prevent pulley from rotating.

    NOTE: It may be necessary to loosen the top two fan shroud brackets. Removal of the engine mounted fan shroud brackets is not necessary unless removing or installing the engine.

  7. Collapse fan shroud toward front of vehicle and remove fan drive/fan blade and fan shroud as an assembly.

    CAUTION: The electronically controlled viscous fan drive is vibration and impact sensitive, especially at the electrical connectors. Do not drop the unit.

  8. Remove the six fan blade-to-viscous fan drive mounting bolts.
  9. Inspect the fan for cracked, chipped or damaged fan blades.


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