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2001 Dodge: cummins..camshaft..the steps in removing the Injector pump

Resolved Question:

i own a 2001 Dodge 5.9L cummins and i need to remove the injector pump to install a new camshaft positioning sensor. what are the steps in removing the Injector pump?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  dodge bum replied 8 years ago.


CAUTION: Refer to Cleaning Fuel System Parts.

  1. Disconnect both negative battery cables at both batteries. Cover and isolate ends of cables.
  2. Thoroughly clean fuel lines at cylinder head and injection pump ends. Thoroughly clean fuel injection pump and supply/return lines at side of pump.
  3. Disconnect 9-way electrical connector at Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) (FPCM 9-Way Connector).
  4. Remove fuel return line at side of injection pump by removing overflow valve (Fuel Supply and Return Lines at Pump). Place rag beneath overflow valve to catch excess fuel.
  5. Remove fuel supply line at side of injection pump by removing banjo bolt (Fuel Supply and Return Lines at Pump). Also remove same line at top of fuel filter housing (banjo bolt).
  6. Remove all high-pressure fuel lines, intake air tube, accelerator pedal position sensor, air intake housing, engine oil dipstick tube, wiring clips, electrical cables at intake heaters and engine lifting bracket. Refer to High-Pressure Fuel Line Removal/Installation. All of these items are covered in this procedure.
  7. Remove hose clamp at crankcase vent hose (Crankcase Vent Hose) and remove hose from canister.
  8. Remove (unscrew) canister (Crankcase Vent Hose) from gear cover.

    CAUTION: To prevent pump/gear keyway from falling into gear housing, engine must be rotated until keyway is at 12 o'clock position (Placing Keyway at 12 O'clock Position). If gear retainer nut, washer or key drops into gear housing, cover may have to be removed to retrieve them before engine is started.

  9. Remove nut and washer retaining injection pump gear to injection pump shaft (Pump Shaft Nut/Washer).
  10. The engine can be rotated with a barring tool such as Snap-On No. SP371, MTE No.(NNN) NNN-NNNN(Cummins Tool Division), or an equivalent. The opening for barring tool is located in rear flange of engine on exhaust manifold side (Rotating Engine with Barring Tool). Remove rubber access plug covering this opening.
  11. Insert barring tool into flywheel housing opening (Rotating Engine with Barring Tool).
  12. Rotate engine until keyway is at 12 o'clock position (Placing Keyway at 12 O'clock Position).
  13. Use T-bar type puller (Separating Injection Pump Gear from Pump Shaft) to separate injection pump gear from injection pump shaft. Attach two M8 X 1.24 MM (metric) screws through puller and into two threaded holes supplied in pump gear. Pull injection pump gear forward until it loosens from injection pump shaft. Pull on gear only enough to loosen it from injection pump shaft. Pulling gear too far may cause damage or breakage to gear cover.
  14. Remove 2 rear/lower pump bracket bolts (Rear/Lower Pump Bracket and Mounting Bolts).
  15. Remove 4 injection pump-to-gear housing mounting nuts (Injection Pump Mounting Nuts).
  16. Remove injection pump from gear housing. Take care not to nick injection pump shaft on aluminum gear housing when removing pump. Also be very careful not to drop pump keyway (Keyway, Keyway Arrow and Keyway Number) into gear housing.

    CAUTION: Whenever the fuel injection pump is removed from the engine, the pump drive gear is laying loose on the camshaft drive gear. Never attempt to crank or rotate the engine with the pump removed from the engine. Serious damage will occur.

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Expert:  dodge bum replied 8 years ago.
If you are unable to pull pics from this,let me know and i will send them.I will be away soon until AM pacific time.
Expert:  dodge bum replied 8 years ago.
You should not have to remove the pump to access the sensor


The camshaft position sensor (CMP) is located below the fuel injection pump (CMP Location - Diesel). It is attached to the back of the timing gear cover housing.

  1. Disconnect both negative cables from both batteries.
  2. Clean area around CMP.
  3. Disconnect electrical at CMP (CMP Location - Diesel).
  4. Remove CMP mounting bolt. Bolt head is female-hex (CMP R/I - Diesel).
  5. Remove CMP from engine by twisting and pulling straight back.
  6. Discard CMP o-ring (CMP R/I - Diesel).