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I remove the pinion gear pin in an 02 dodge 1500 front differential?

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How do I remove the pinion gear pin in an 02 dodge 1500 front differential?

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To remove the pin from the differential from the C205f front axle you have to drive a roll pin out. This can't be done with the axle in the truck. You have to remove the ring gear from the carrier to get to the roll pin, the differential carrier has to be removed from the axle housing to remove the ring gear. As you have already seen, there is no room to get the carrier out because the frame is in the way, so you have to remove the entire differential assembly from the truck for any internal repair. Once its out you have to use a large spreader fixture that engages the two large holes on the front of the housing. This speader actaully spreads the axle housing apart to relieve the preload on the side bearings to be able to remove the carrier. These are set up just like a Dana for side bearing preload.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can I install the axle shaft without doing this? In other words can I install the axle shaft with it's retaining ring in place?

You're trying to replace the stub shaft that goes between the differential carrier and the cv shaft right? I'm guessing stripped splines between the stub shaft and the cv shaft?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes. When I tried to pull the CV joint off the axle shaft came out with it. The retaining ring was still in place on the axle shaft.

The shafts just slide into the carrier and lock in with lock rings. There aren't any c clips like older axles if that's what you were wondering about. You'd just have to get the stub shaft off the cv shaft and slide it back in, or if its damaged or you can't get it off all you have to do is slide a new one in. Does this answer your question or am I out in left field?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I think so. I was just worried that having the retaining ring in place may damage the splines inside the pinion gear. But I reckon if the old one came out that way I should be able to put the new one back in the same way right?
There should be a metal retiaining ring on the end of the shaft when it came out. It locks into a slot in the side gear. If that ring is still on your shaft, you've got nothing to worry about at all. I'm actually a little surpised you got this shaft out by accident. I've had to weld a big slide hammer to them to knock them out when I'm trying to replace them. I've had that problem a few times. Its not supposed to be that tight at all, they should pop out prett easily.
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