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how to change headlight on a 2001 dodge Dakota

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how to change headlight on a 2001 dodge Dakota?
  • Remove the bolts attaching headlamp to the inner fender panel
  • Grasp the headlamp and firmly pull the headlamp to disengage it from the panel.
  • Disengage the connector from the headlamp bulb.
  • Separate bulb from headlamp.
  • Remove the bulb sockets from the front park/turn signal/side marker lamps.
  • Separate headlamp module from vehicle.
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    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    I am going to try right now. Are the bolts easy to access of do I need to remove the airfilter chamber (pasenger side) and the battery (driver side)?
    Those are the complete instructions. No mention of battery or air filter removal.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Job is done. Thanks for your help.


    I won't charge for the additional information: It's easier to remove if you first remove the lower light assembly. It only requires removing (1) one small torx screw. Once the lower assembly comes out then removing the (3) three bolts to remove the headlight assembly is easier. Also, it requires quite a bit of force to unseat the headlight assembly. If you pull just the headlamp and not the complete assembly you may pull the head lamp from the light adjusting bracket. Lucky for me, it didn't break and I was able to push it back in with some force.


    With out removing the lower light assembly, it took about 15 to 20 minutes of fussing to get the bolts removed. When I removed the lower assembly on the other side, it took about 5 minutes to remove, change the bulb and reassemble.


    I would not have known where to start without your help.

    Good job!