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changing water pump on 1999 plymouth neon should i change the

Resolved Question:

changing water pump on 1999 plymouth neon should i change the timing belt and show picture
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  moparfl replied 8 years ago.
Yes I woul
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1999 Dodge Neon L4-122 2.0L DOHC VIN Y SFI

Vehicle Level Engine, Cooling and Exhaust Engine Timing Belt Service and Repair With Hydraulic Tensioner
With Hydraulic Tensioner


  1. Remove number one spark plug.
  2. Using a dial indicator, set number one cylinder to Top Dead Center (TDC) on the compression stroke.

Figure 55

  1. Remove the timing belt access cover from the engine (Fig. 55).

Figure 56

  1. Check the timing marks on the camshaft sprockets, they should align with each other (Fig. 56).


CAUTION: Camshaft or crankshaft should not be rotate after timing belt is removed. Damage to valve components may occur. Always align timing marks before removing timing belt.

  1. Remove accessory drive belts. Refer to Drive Belts, Mounts, Brackets and Accessories for procedure.
  2. Raise vehicle on hoist and remove right inner splash shield.
  3. Remove crankshaft damper bolt. Refer to Harmonic Balancer.
  4. Lower vehicle.
  5. Support engine with a jack and remove right engine mount.
  6. Remove power steering pump assembly and set aside.

Figure 57

  1. Remove engine mount bracket and timing belt cover fasteners, remove cover (Fig. 57).
  2. Align camshaft timing marks. loosen timing belt tensioner fasteners and remove timing belt.

Figure 58

CAUTION: Do not loosen, tighten, or remove the tensioner pivot bolt (Fig. 58).


  1. When tensioner is removed from the engine it is necessary to compress the plunger into the tensioner body.

Figure 59

  1. Place the tensioner into a vise and slowly compress the plunger (Fig. 59). CAUTION: Index the tensioner in the vise the same way it is installed on the engine. This is to ensure proper pin orientation when tensioner is installed on the engine.
  2. When plunger is compressed into the tensioner body install a pin through the body and plunger to retain plunger in place until tensioner is installed.

Figure 60

  1. Set crankshaft sprocket to TDC by aligning the sprocket with the arrow on the oil pump housing, then back off to 3 notches before Top Dead Center (TDC) (Fig. 60).

Figure 61

  1. Set camshafts timing marks together by aligning notches on sprockets (Fig. 61).

Figure 62

  1. Rotate crankshaft 1/2 tooth counterclockwise from TDC (Fig. 62).

Figure 63

  1. Install timing belt in this direction. Starting at the crankshaft, go around the water pump sprocket, idler pulley, camshaft sprockets and then around the tensioner pulley (Fig. 63).
  2. Move crankshaft sprocket to TDC to take up belt slack. Install tensioner to block but do not tighten fasteners.
  3. Using a torque wrench on the tensioner pulley apply 28 Nm (250 inch lbs.) of torque to tensioner.
  4. With torque being applied to the tensioner pulley move the tensioner up against the tensioner pulley bracket and tighten fasteners to 31 Nm (275 inch lbs.) .
  5. Pull tensioner plunger pin. Pretension is correct when pin can be removed and installed freely.
  6. Rotate crankshaft 2 revolutions and check the alignment of the timing marks.
  7. Install front half of timing cover.
  8. Install engine mount bracket.
  9. Install power steering pump assembly.
  10. Install right engine mount.
  11. Remove jack from under engine.

Figure 64

  1. Install crankshaft damper using Ml2 1.75 x 150 mm bolt, washer, thrust bearing and nut from Special Tool 6792. Install crankshaft damper bolt and tighten to 142 Nm (105 ft. lbs.) (Fig. 64).
  2. Install accessory drive belts.
  3. Raise vehicle on hoist and install right inner splash shield.
  4. Lower vehicle and perform camshaft and crankshaft timing relearn procedure as follows:
    • Step 1: Connect the DRB scan tool to the data link (diagnostic) connector. This connector is located in the passenger compartment; at the lower edge of instrument panel; near the steering column.
    • Step 2: Turn the ignition switch on and access the "miscellaneous" screen.
    • Step 3: Select re-learn cam/crank option and follow directions on DRB screen.



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