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how do I replace the thermostat on A 2001 DODGE ram 1500 5.9

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how do I replace the thermostat on A 2001 DODGE ram 1500 5.9 thank you


Welcome to JA my name is Mark.

  1. Disconnect negative battery cable at battery.
  2. Drain cooling system until coolant level is below thermostat Air Conditioned vehicles: Remove support bracket (generator mounting bracket-to-intake manifold) located near rear of generator NOTE: On air conditioning equipped vehicles, the generator must be partially removed.
  3. Remove accessory drive belt
  4. Remove two generator mounting bolts. Do not remove any wiring at generator. If equipped with 4WD, unplug 4WD indicator lamp wiring harness (located near rear of generator).
  5. Remove generator. Position generator to gain access for thermostat gasket removal. Remove radiator upper hose clamp and upper hose at thermostat housing.
  6. Position wiring harness (behind thermostat housing) to gain access to thermostat housing.
  7. Remove thermostat housing mounting bolts, thermostat housing, gasket and thermostat Discard old gasket.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How do you drain the cooling system? How much antifreeze should I remove? How do you remove the accessory drive belt?

At the bottom of one of the radiator side tanks is a drain petcock or tap. Loosen that off and drain off about a gallon or so of coolant.


To remove the belt...


Drive belts are equipped with a spring loaded automatic belt tensioner (Belt Tensioner). This belt tensioner will be used on all belt configurations, such as with or without power steering or air conditioning. For more information, refer to Automatic Belt Tensioner, proceeding in this group.

  1. Attach a socket/wrench to pulley mounting bolt of automatic tensioner (Belt Tensioner). The threads on the pulley mounting bolt are left- hand.
  2. Relax the tension from the belt by rotating the tensioner counterclockwise (as viewed from front) (Belt Tensioner). When all belt tension has been relaxed, remove belt from tensioner pulley first and other pulleys last.