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Category: Dodge
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How do I change fuel pump on 1991 Dodge Dynasty, 3.3L

Resolved Question:

How do I change fuel pump on 1991 Dodge Dynasty, 3.3L?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Jerry replied 8 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.


You will have to remove the gas tank. Here are the steps for the tank and pump.







  1. Perform fuel system pressure release.

See: Fuel Pressure Release

  1. Disconnect negative battery cable and drain fuel tank.
  2. Remove screws that secure fuel filler tube to quarter panel.
  3. Raise vehicle on hoist. Some models will require removal of the right rear wheel for easier access to the fuel filler tube.
  4. Disconnect wiring and hoses from the tank. WARNING: Wrap shop towels around hoses to catch any gasoline spillage.
  5. Support tank with transmission jack. Loosen tank mounting straps and lower tank slightly. Remove hose from rollover/separator valve.
  6. Carefully work fuel filler tube from tank.
  7. Remove tank mounting straps and lower tank.


  1. Position fuel tank on transmission jack. Connect vapor separator/rollover valve hose and position insulator pad on fuel tank. Check that vapor vent hose is routed so that it is not pinched between tank and floor pan during installation.
  2. Raise tank into position and carefully work filler tube into tank. Transmission fluid may be used as an aid to assembly.
  3. Tighten strap nuts to 23 Nm (250 inch pounds). Remove transmission jack. Check that straps are not twisted or bent before or after tightening strap nuts.
  4. Connect lines, draft tube cap and wiring on fuel injected vehicles, use new hose clamps and tighten to 1 Nm (10 inch pounds).
  5. Lower vehicle and install filler tube mounting screws.
  6. Fill fuel tank, install filler cap, connect battery cable, and operate vehicle.
  7. Check for leaks at hose connections.







  1. Fuel system pressure must be released prior to service. See: Fuel Pressure Release\Service and Repair
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable and remove the fuel tank.
  3. Using a brass drift punch and hammer, gently tap lock ring counterclockwise, to release pump. Lift fuel pump out of tank and discard fuel pump O-ring, pump inlet filter, and inlet seal.






  1. Wipe seal area of tank clean, and install a new O-ring seal, inlet seal, and filter on pump.
  2. Install pump into tank opening.
  3. Install fuel pump locking ring.
  4. Using the brass drift and hammer tap lock ring clockwise to lock fuel pump into tank.
  5. Check for leaks. See: Service and Repair\Fuel System Pressurizing Procedure


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