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2001 dodge stratus: many o2 sensors are

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How many o2 sensors are there in a 2001 dodge stratus rt? I replaced the one in the front, in the there any other locations? im getting error code P0154
Welcome to JA, my name is Mark.

Here is the description of your code. Your vehicle will have 3 or 4 sensors in it.

When Monitored: Engine running for greater than 121 second. Coolant Temperature
greater than 66°C (150.8°F). Engine in closed loop fuel control mode.
Set Condition: O2 signal voltage is between .35 volt and .58 volt for a total of 30 seconds
and then O2 signal volt is 1.5 volts for 60 seconds
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It told me this " Code P0154 O2 Circuit No Activity Detected Bank 2,Sensor 1 " Is this the sensor close to the EGR tube?
There is bank 1 and bank 2. These are the different banks of the engine. The bank 2, sensor 1, means it is the upstream....aka header...sensor on bank 2. Seeing as you changed the one header 02, then it is obviously the other header 02 that is at fault.
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