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How do I change fuel filter on Dodge 2500 diesel 5.9L

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How do I change fuel filter on Dodge 2500 diesel 5.9L?

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Refer to maintenance schedules in this manual, or the Owner's Manual for recommended fuel filter replacement intervals.

Draining water from fuel filter/water separator housing:

The housing drain valve (9) serves two purposes. One is to partially drain the filter housing of excess water. The other is to completely drain the housing for fuel filter, drain valve, heater element or water-in-fuel sensor replacement.

The filter housing should be partially drained whenever the water-in-fuel warning lamp remains illuminated. (Note that lamp will be illuminated for approximately two seconds when ignition key is initially placed in ON position for a bulb check).

1.A drain hose (7) is located at the bottom of drain valve. Place drain pan under drain hose.
2.With engine not running, rotate drain valve handle counter-clockwise (rearward) to OPEN (DRAIN) position. Hold drain valve open until all water and contaminants have been removed and clean fuel exits.
3.If drain valve, fuel heater element or Water-In-Fuel (WIF) sensor is being replaced, drain housing completely. Dispose of mixture in drain pan according to applicable regulations.
4.After draining operation, rotate valve handle clockwise (forward) to the CLOSE position.

5.Fuel Filter Replacement: The fuel filter is located inside of the fuel filter housing.
a.Clean all debris from around canister.
b.Remove filter lid (1) using a socket. Attach socket to large hex (2) on top of lid. Rotate counterclockwise for removal. Remove O-ring. Discard O-ring.
c.Remove filter element by twisting element sideways from filter lid.
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